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    The Gas fitting industry

    Sorry Jordan but its time to step into the real world, Gas Safe combined stop checks and customer requested inspections amount to less than 1% of total yearly installs. I'm not a chippy [ glorified or otherwise] but were I to be I'd likely as not have served an apprenticeship and have A and B...
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    The Gas fitting industry

    The troubles within the gas industry goes back to 1990 when the then Tory government were toying with the idea to introduce a scheme making it compulsory for all new boiler/gas installations to be inspected/passed by the local Building control dept but after much lobbying by the likes of British...
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    The gas industry

    bellairraphon wrote- where does it say you can't install condense pipes external? My 86 year old grandad was out with a kettle when the condense pipe froze has he had read the fault code in the manual. Its just common sense and nothing to do with giving people money back for a job that may...
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    The gas industry

    "franksonny" wrote, Joe 90 - I don't look on this forum much but every time I do, you seem to be making pointless posts about F all. You may be a decent bloke in the flesh but you don't half make yourself look like a sad old tart in here. I can see where you're coming from franksonny and...
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    elec boiler vs new gas pipe?

    I'm fully aware that its more expensive to heat water by electric boilers, immersion heaters etc as opposed to gas, but my 750w microwave oven seems able to heats a large jug of water in a couple of minuets. So at the risk of being called a numpty or worse, can anyone give me the reason why...
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    Condensate pipe lagging

    Widely available! yes, but close to 100,000 customers with recently installed frozen boilers/condensate pipes during last winters cold spell will testify that unfortunately they are not widely used. Why manufactuers were allowed, encouraged-ordered to market an appliance that a retarded ameoba...
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    Condensate pipe lagging

    Why not run the condensate pipe to a bucket/tank internally below the boiler and then have a submersible pump operated by a float switch to pump out the condensate waste/water to external drain whenever the bucket/tank fills up. I know it sounds like a daft idea but no more daft than a so...
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    Efficiency of old boilers

    I'd have thought 35% heat loss is a small price to pay for a relable, maintainence free boiler, even a new condensing boiler will struggle to give better than 10% loss and the savings are soon wiped out with repairs, not to mention the near certainty of having to be replaced much sooner than an...
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    Condensing Boiler Break Down In The Big Freeze? Here's Why.

    Regardless of where or how the condensate pipe is run, If a so called state of the art boiler ceases to function just because of cold weather, then its surely not fit for purpose.
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    Potterton Puma Combi Boiler - low pressure light

    ChrisR wrote: Behaviour of the pressure switch isn't making sense. Disconnect boiler from mains elec. Undo the obvious screws until you can see the PCB. Bottom left is the connector for the pressure switch, two wires the same colour, yellow I think. Unplug the connector from the pcb. The...
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    Frozen condensate pipes everywhere you go

    Looks like we've all been sold a condensate lemon with the charge to save the planet, perhaps its time to bring back the balanced flue. Wasteful I know, but hardly ever let us down.
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    Fiat Bravo 1600, no power

    My 99 Fiat Bravo 1600 seems to be firing on only 3 cylinders, hence power is a bit naff in the extreme. I have checked all leads, replaced spark plugs and added fuel injector cleaner to the petrol without any improvement. There is a good spark on all plugs but have noticed that when I remove...
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    potterton puma 80 dilema

    The air flow switch may appear to be working, but if either of the flexible tubes to or from the switch are frayed or blocked, or if their connection points are blocked [ especially the one on top of the chamber] there may not be enough air flow [ when called for] to operate the switch.
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    replace boiler

    No problem with what RGIs charge for fitting new boilers etc,[supply and demand] there's nothing to stop OP getting half a dozen estimates beforehand, but what sticks in the craw is we are told that gas boilers are so hi-tec, complicated and dangerous to install, yet it is still not compulsory...
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    I haven't read all the suggestions but has anyone mentioned if the boiler stat is not functioning correctly the boiler begins to overheat and the overheat stat will knock out the pilot light
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    An inspector called

    Bengasman wrote And how would GSR know that an illegal installer flung a boiler on the wall? GSR would be surplus to requirements [ from where I'm standing they're not doing much anyway] and if the boiler and pipework is installed correctly and passes recognised checks/tests by a third...
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    An inspector called

    Its amazing how many RGIs on this forum are only too willing to boast to anybody daft enough to take notice how/what wonderful tradesmen they are, but mention a compulsory inspection scheme and there's an immediate run on toilet paper. Bengasman seems to think the trade is infested with...
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    An inspector called

    Mehran wrote that is my point! very little to gain, lots to loss The gain would be an improvement in workmanship across the trade and in turn an increase in customer confidence. Also naff installers [whether RGI or illegal] would soon leave the trade if their...