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    Planning permission - Residence vs Holiday property

    OK, what's the best way of persuading the PO that amenity space is it necessary? Is it a matter of "fact and degree"
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    Planning permission / change of use?

    Yes, you will have to apply for change of use as "short-term holiday let (sui generis)". You should not have a problem but it all comes down what submission you make on :- Parking space Provision for rubbish bins Number of residents Frequency of turnover of tenants Behaviour of tenants eg...
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    Convert Pub to Residential / Shop

    If I understand it, this is a pub with no outside space. If that is correct, then I would divide up the pub internally convert it to short term holiday lets (sui generis). That way no external amenity space is needed. Only C3 houses need amenity space.
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    Planning permission - Residence vs Holiday property

    Because the " AirBNB "guests are using our open land which borders the building in question on 3 sides. The building has no amenity space of its own. The building has right of access over our land but has no usage rights whatsoever. It is located in one corner of our walled plot. Because of...
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    Planning permission - Residence vs Holiday property

    It is a single bedroom property but the Planning Officer decided to treat it as sui generis because of the short-term holiday let issue. My understanding is that the officers decision was wrong as most holiday lets under 6 occupants are treated as C3 as you suggest. Question is how can I...
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    Planning permission - Residence vs Holiday property

    We raised objections to a Planning Application for conversion of a storage facility (old stone building) classified as "B8". The applicant was previously refused permission twice when he applied to convert the building to "Residence" class "C3". He has now applied to convert the storage...