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    Underpinning-- a new solution

    Yes, it was definitely Uretek.
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    Floor Joists

    Even with a D40 hardwood, a 75x50mm section would be more than 2x overstressed. I think whether or not LABC would require a change is rather irrelevant - clearly the size is inappropriate and (based on what you have said) should be replaced. I would like to think that any reputable builder...
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    Floor Joists

    A 75mm deep joist spanning 4m and carrying domestic floor loading would be massively overstressed, assuming softwood and fairly standard centres. Is this an existing or proposed situation? If existing, are there large deflections apparent?
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    Building timber roof

    You need to establish what load will be applied to the fixing in order to select the appropriate one and their centres. I imagine that it may be worth considering snow drift if this is between two walls which are higher than the roof level of this canopy. What centres are your roof joists...
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    cutting a hole in my cast concrete wall...REBAR ?

    You need to be sure that if you damage some of the reinforcement, then the panel will not be significantly reduced in strength. Note that as the panel is precast, it may well be prestressed. If you have any concerns about this, you would be best advised to seek some professional advice from...
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    cutting a hole in my cast concrete wall...REBAR ?

    Is this a concrete column you need to core through? Do you know the centres of the reinforcing bars/have drawings that you could refer to? Was the building cast in-situ or constructed using precast units?
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    cracks in wall

    Has he put this in writing? Will he pay to rebuild it if it turns out that he is wrong? For a relatively small sum of money you could have a professional report on the problem, potentially with fully thought through remedial works and a plan of action going forward. Looking at it another way...
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    Padstone when fitting CH50/100 lintel

    A padstone is used to spread the concentrated force at the end of the lintel across a large enough area so as not to overstress the masonry below. The size of the padstone is therefore dependent on the load applied to the lintel. See BS5628-1 cl. 34 for a design method.
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    cracks in wall

    You need to find someone, preferably chartered, who has experience in this sort of investigative work. It is quite different to new build, and causes of cracking are not always immediately obvious. It is quite correct that only a small proportion of engineers are listed on that website, but as...
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    cracks in wall

    I would certainly agree that you should employ the services of a Chartered Structural Engineer to visit site and report on their findings. They will then be best placed to offer solutions to your query. Might I recommend taking a look at, which should serve as...
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    Rubbish concrete

    It would definitely be good to know what sort of area & thickness you are talking about. Getting a good bond between the separate 'layers' is crucial. Is this a slab that has been down for several years, or one that has been recently poured? And yes, the amount of water added to the mix is...
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    Foundation depth for conserv on clay plz

    Whilst the conservatory would not normally require building regulations approval, any new structural opening into the conservatory will require approval - even if the conservatory itself is an exempt structure. Glazing and fixed electrics may also require approval. Please also think about...
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    Conservatory base layer thickness

    The floor make up needs to be determined based on site parameters e.g. external/internal levels, and the type of ground/soil parameters. There isn't really a standard result that you can apply to each and every situation without careful thought. Is this a DIY project?
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    lintel (catnic) question

    Has your engineer not provided lintel references on their drawing?
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    Loft Converion floor design

    What is the span of the proposed loft floor joist? This will determine the required depth (as well as width and grade), and your engineer will advise. If you are limiting to 170mm, you may end up with quite a wide joist, depending on span. If you are considering the disruption of plating or...
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    New Shower/Pump

    I've just had a quick measure up, and the existing cold water tank in the loft measures roughly 18" x 24" on plan at the top (tapers slightly up the height), and 18" tall. I'm not quite sure what this would equate to in gallons. From the sounds of it, we would be best to increase the size of...
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    Satellite Cable through cavity wall

    :D I like to have all the information to hand before I buy! Have just decided to go with a 60cm dish, so I'll order that off ebay later. Will need to pop down screwfix to get a new drill bit, so which size should I get?!
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    Satellite Cable through cavity wall

    With a pebbledash style render on the outside, would you advise drilling from the outside or the inside?? What hole diameter should I drill for shotgun cable....and what shank size will this (x min 350mm long) drill bit equate to? (will it fit in a 10mm chuck?)
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    Cannon Cooker problem

    Sorry to hijack this thread, however we also have a Cannon (60cm traditional gas) cooker which is only about 2 years old. The grill (in the top oven) lights, but as soon as the knob is released, the flame goes out. Is this likely to be the thermocouple?? Does a gas fitter have to replace...
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    New Shower/Pump

    A RSP50 as opposed to a CT50+? The only difference I can see is the CT50+ does 10-20 l/min flow rate, and the RSP50 does 20-40 l/min flow rate. There will only be the one shower in the property. How can I work out the minimum/maximum flow rate that will be required for the excel shower? Do I...