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    Advice needed for terrace waterproofing

    I need advice for a solution for a totally botched job by some roofer cowboys. They said they would fix the issues with my terrace leaking by using liquid rubber. The fibreglass terrace floor was to be replaced by these guys. However instead of stripping off the previous floor and boards then...
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    Alternator problems??

    Hi John I tested using a multimeter the voltage did not even go up to 14V when the car engine was running. Which wire do I disconnect for the battery to be disconnected from the alternator?
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    Alternator problems??

    Hi Dave You'll have to help me out here i'm clueless when it comes to car internals pretty much aside from the basics i suppose. When you say brushes what are those? and where are they? inside the alternator body?
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    Alternator problems??

    Hi I think I have alternator problems as my battery keeps going flat. Its a brand new battery. Vehicle details are as follows Toyota Corolla 1.4 VVT-i T3 5-Door 2005 from what i can tell the alternator has an external voltage regulator. I am posting photos. Can someone tell me which is the...