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    Concrete Blocks

    I need to build an wall in the garden to replace an existing, single skin brick wall. It retains the garden upto a height of approx 0.6 metres. Was planning to use concrete blocks - is there any reason to not use light weight blocks as opposed to dense concrete blocks? The finished...
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    Driveway paving

    I'm looking for ideas for repaving my driveway? Its fairly short, just over a car length, leading up to the garage and slopes a quite a bit towards the pavement. At present, we have chips odwn, which are spreading onto the pavement given the lack of any lid/edge where the driveway meets...
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    Central Heating Timer

    I am considering replacing my current, electronic timer for the central heating system (combi boiler) with a new timer - for the sole purpose that the existing is looking grubby/door missing, so want to replace it with a new, fresh looking one. Is there anything I should look out for? Is it...
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    Partially cold Radiators

    its the bottom corner below the bleed value at the top corner
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    Partially cold Radiators

    I seem to have a couple of the upstairs radiators that are cold in one corner but normal heat otherwise - have bled them but no air comes out. Does this mean the system needs balanced? Ifso, how do I go about doing this? thanks
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    Preformed pipe boxing

    Does anyone know a stockist? This is commonly used in new built developments - consists of preformed pipe boxing, white lamanite type material, comes in a couple of sizes. I had seen it in a local timber mechant but they no longer stock it!
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    Stain on Wall

    We have a white, chalky stain on our dining rooms wall, which is traditional lathe and plaster, with painted lining paper (emulsion paint). Although I have painted over it, this stain has reappeared. Its an external wall, but not in the slightist bit damp. Any ideas? The ironing board is...
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    Wooden Blinds

    Looking to fit some wooden blinds but can't believe the price for made to measure. I have found some in that well known swedish shed that that are just to wide and would need approx 10mm cut off each end. Has anyone attempted this? Was thinking of using a mitre saw but worried about...
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    Fireplace replacement

    I am planning to replace our current fireplace with a new hearth and back plate in granite or marble and install a livingflame gas fire. Currently, its a tiled hearth and back plate which will need to be removed and we want to keep the existing wooden mantle. There is a gas supply. Apart...
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    removing lath and plast

    I took down an old lath and plaster ceiling in our diningroom last year -very, very messy Certainly leave carpet and make sure you tape up any doors to the rest of the house well - we found dust still crept through. If possible, have someone seal the door from the other side also. If you...
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    Door threshold

    just undertook the same work. You can buy wooden threshold bars for this in wood to match the flooring. I couldn't find these in my local sheds but did in the specialist floor shops locally - costs about 20 quids each but do finish it off!
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    Hanging Patterned wallpaper

    Thanks for the very useful tips In terms of trying to keep a blank area at the top of the wall (which makes complete sense) how would this work with the second strip? ie if I keep the pattern away from the top of the wall for the first strip, the second strip would have the pattern at the top?
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    Hanging Patterned wallpaper

    I'm looking for tips on hanging patterned wallpaper? Quite handy at hanging lining paper but never attempted patterned paper? The pattern is quite large but does repeat obviously. Cheers
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    Building Garden Walls

    both walls are only 2 1/2 to 3 feet high
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    Building Garden Walls

    Planning to build a couple of garden walls which will be retaining. Was planning to build them out ot dense concrete blocks but is this overkill, would I get away with a lighter (and cheaper) block? Was planning to build only a single skin of blocks, but laid on the large face, so that...
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    Does this exist ?

    I have seen a remote control dimmer switch (Not sure where!) but I would guess that if you took the remote, the light would remain at whatever is was set at?
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    Light from Socket

    I want to install a light in a display cabinet but the closest source of power is a double socket on the wall nearby. Is it possible to take a spur off this socket to power a switched light within the cabinet? Obviously, the easiest route would be to have a plugged light but I don't want...
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    Timber Joints

    I am planning to build the boy a timber fort/playhouse - figure I can do just as good a job as they kits the big sheds sell Main questions is that I was planning to use half joints (not sure if this is quite the right wording) to make the main joins and then bolt at the join to make it...
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    Tiling bathroom floor

    Am planning to tile our newly refitted bathroom floor but everything has already been fitted. Whilst tiling upto/partially underneath the bath and shower cubicle is okay, I don't fancy having to lift the pedestal wash hand basis and the WC. Any problems if I just tile up to the base of...
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    Natural Stone Paving

    I am planning to re lay my garden path with natural stone slabs (path is currently concrete). What is the best base to put these on? Have seen on tv when they have used a wet mortor mix and also a dry mix of sand and cement?! Its the front garden so it will have a reasonable level of use...