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    Self adhesive vinyl floor tiles..

    I completed a similar job a few weeks ago. Not sure if this was the right thing to do, but it seems OK for now. I used B&Q standard hardboard at 3mm thickness, stuck down with no nails to stop movement. I put the boards down shinny side up. In regards to the toilet, I used a paper...
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    Worcester 28i Verus Valiant 831 combi

    I understand that ever fitter have their preference, but have had two quotes around the same price and need to make a decision. What would everyone recommend between the WB 28i high and Valiant 831 plus ecotech boilers? House is two bedroom terrace, 1 bathroom and 7 rads. Also, will...
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    Sky SD Replacement - Freesat Box recommendation

    Hello, Looking for some advice on what service is better and any recommendations on PVR box. I Want to drop sky as I have had enough of paying Sky a load of money for services that I dont watch. My Existing configuration is a SD Sky box (No Sky+ or HD) running off one LNB feed. Can...
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    Firenzi SC907/WH Oven

    Thanks. changed ok old element was in two pieces although noticed foil blanklet wrapped around oven core was broken apart
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    Wireless Network

    Thanks for the pointers. Now setup using a edimax access point
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    Wireless Network

    Hello, Have a question regarding wireless networking and whether I can solve connectivity problems within my house. I currently have a cable modem (Virgin Media) linked to a netgear fixed wire router in one room (non Wifi). But due to signal strength issues (have tried everything I can think...
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    Firenzi SC907/WH Oven

    Hello, Does any one know whats the easiest way to change the bottom oven element on a Firenzi SC907 Oven? Top Grill / Oven element is working but the oven doesnt seem to get up to correct temperature and bottom drip plate is always cold to touch. Will the oven have to come out and...
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    Icon t combi boiler fault and replacement

    Hello, Icon t boiler has failed again - firing up for 4-5secs and then down and then fires up again. Meaning no hot water or low heating output. Boiler has been practically rebuild over the last five years, numerous new ignition units, pcbs and a couple of direction valves and switches to...
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    Paint on uPVC window Frame

    I know this is a funny question, or whether its in the right forum (If not, I'm sorry!!) previous owners of my house have painted on the the window frame. Does anyone know how I can get it off? I thought about a blade, but I dont wont to scratch the surface. White spirit does not seem to...
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    Do all radiators require valves?

    I have a gas combi boiler and I have noticed that one, whilst decorating of the radiators in out CH system does not have a themostat valve on it? All of the others have them. Am I right in thinking that the valve gets to temp and then cuts the water supply off, the boiler then detects the...
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    Combi Boiler with CH, but no HW

    thanks kevplumb.
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    Combi Boiler with CH, but no HW

    Found out that it was a faulty PCB and Ignition unit. Also found out that the gas tap was leaking. The boiler had been serviced a month previously, should this had been picked up?
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    uPVC Door cannot be opened from outside

    I am having trouble with our external uPVC front door, I can unlock / lock it from outside but cant open it. You can open an (un)lock it from from inside and the handle on the inside is fully functional. When unlocking from the outside, the two bars from the top and bottom of the door...
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    Combi Boiler with CH, but no HW

    Pressure indicated as 1bar, 1.5-2bar working.
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    Combi Boiler with CH, but no HW

    I have a three year old icon 23t boiler, which was serviced under a month ago. Currently there is no hot water, but the central heating is working just (not very hot). I have noticed that the boiler is firing up, for three to five seconds and then shuts down (The safety lockout light does not...
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    Icon 23t Banging

    Thanks for the reply and help. Will keep anyone away from the boiler unless they are an engineer!!
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    Icon 23t Banging

    I have just moved house, and have a Icon 23t Combi boiler installed. The problem is that the two red central heating valves are closed, as the weather now is getting a bit cooler I want to put the central heating on. Once I try and open the central heating valves all you can hear is water trying...
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    Fitting a cat flap

    Does anyone know of a way in which to fit a cat flap to an external door? The door is a unglazed uPVC door.