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    Drawing plans software - Free

    Is there any simple and free software packages that are easy to use to prepare some drawings with I have tried sketchup but do not find it simple nor intuitive (please move if this is in the wrong place but it is a q regarding planning drawings)
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    Flat roof permitted development

    Ive had a further thought on the height of my eaves scenario I am thinking of adding a dummy pitch roof around my flat roof which could lower the external eaves to match my existing eaves
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    Flat roof permitted development i've scrolled down a bit the technical guide shows a diagram to the top of the flat roof covering
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    Flat roof permitted development

    Thanks, the eaves height has also crossed my mind as initially I thought this might be an issue as it appears tight I've had a quick read of this which makes me feel more comfortable (d) the height of the eaves of the part of the dwellinghouse enlarged, improved or altered would exceed the...
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    Flat roof permitted development

    Hi I'm wondering if a flat roof extension to a pitched roof bungalow is permitted development the depth of the extension would be 3m and the height would not exceed 3m my slight concern would be about matching materials as the existing pitch roof is concrete tiles and the flat roof would be...