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    UPVC rear door

    How much gap is there? I just think that a 10 year old woodgrain UPVC door......if it's not packing thats the problem then everything else on the door is probably obsolete you may have trouble getting parts for it Hate to be pessimistic
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    UPVC rear door

    It may be that the packers have moved slightly around the glass or panel, this could cause the door to move and could affect the closing.
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    New UPVC sashes what's Best sealant to buy?

    I would recommend Soudal sealant, I always use the Silirub 2, it is a bit more expensive than some others on the market, but is a pure silicone, no fillers. As for the inside, are you really talking about gaps, or do you mean the reveal liners. Foam is okay for filling, but then you...
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    Waterproofing a Shower Area

    Hi glyde, Richard C is obviously not a fan of the panelling. I think it is personal choice. There is lots of advice if you decide to go with tiles. And I also think there are some cheap wall panels and some very nice (and very expensive) wall panels. Panelling is always goign to be...
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    Waterproofing a Shower Area

    have you already bought the tiles? as there is an easier option..... You can fit shower wall panelling or upvc panels directly to the walls, and they provide a full waterproof finish. I did it in my house, and it definately saves all the messing about. I used a company in Staffordshire...
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    Polycarbonate glazing on 1930's front door

    I think the original suggestion of using polycarbonate would be a much easier option. You can get solid polycarbonate sheets in different thicknesses, so you can order in a thickness that would suit your needs. It is totally clear and has all the properties of glass but the advantage is that...
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    I have checked the download sheet for the black jack brand of flashing, as i had never heard of problems with silicone before either it doesn't say anything on here about silicone. Personally, I think you should be using proper lead not...
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    Best sealant?

    If you are sealing the inside then acrylic sealant also knows as caulking is best. However if you are getting a 'whooshing' sound then the external sealant may not have been done properly either, so check that as well. It definately should have all been done on installation, but if you are...
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    Leaking shower tiles - advice please.

    I would definately recommend waterproof panelling. The same company has some 1M wide panels, so that would mean even less joints. I would also use a proper shower trim that you fit at the same time as the panels, along with sealant, this should then provide you with a fully watertight shower.
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    Gaps between tile and work surface

    What colour are your tiles and worktop, you can buy white UPVC quadrant in 12mm and 19mm online quite easily, which you could use to fill the gap.
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    need to adjust upvc door

    Sorry but a UPVC door isn't like a wooden door. The door height is fixed, the only way to 'heighten' it is to remove the whole frame and lift it. this would only be possible if you had spare height at the top of the door frame, which is very unlikely.
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    how to join polycarbonate sheets?!?!

    thats the best use yet of it though!!
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    how to join polycarbonate sheets?!?!

    You need to make sure you use a silicone that is suitable for use with Polycarbonate, not all are. There is a product called fixall, which will stick and seal if you choose to go with the cheaper H section rather than a proper glazing bar.
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    Do I need new fascia boards/soffits?

    Totally agree, what was the point in you talking to them before about your concerns if they were just going to ignore them,. A good installer would have stopped and given you the option, then it is up to you if you want them to screw guttering to rotten boards.
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    Is there a best glass for keeping in heat ?

    K glass and argon filled Not sure of the cost though Checkout this website for extra info
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    Glass roof to existing outbuilding

    There will be a massive difference in price between a glass roof and an alternative product. Personally I love glass roofs but they are very heavy, pretty expensive and require a professional installation. Perspex is a bit cheap and totally at the other end of the market and would be good...
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    Double Glazing Help

    Your windows and doors should be sealed properly inside and out. The new ones should definately be warmer so I think there is an issue somewhere, but don't think it will be as dramatic as getting them re-ffited. Is the company who installed them still trading? If they are give them a...
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    Do I need new fascia boards/soffits?

    Many, many years ago, I used to survey for upvc fascia and soffits, very often if the property is on an estate and there are similar properties about we would already have a good idea about the sate of the timbers. We would simply cut out any rot when the fitters arrived on site. However we...
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    What's the stuff used to fix upvc trim to windows?

    You are dead right not to use Caulk or frame Sealant, they are not made for the job. I always use a product called Fixall, it sticks really quickly and your quadrant definately won't fall off again
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    Cast Iron Guttering- replace or paint?

    I don't deny that the Brett Martin is the more realistic of the two, but I don't think it is worth the extra money