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    Chamaecyparis Conifers(spring)

    Help, we planted approx 30+ of the above conifers in January,just along both sides of the fence in the back garden,just to soften the look,But, the center of the foliage has gone a golden/yellow colour,but the external ones are a blue/green colour as purchased,inour extensive gardening book it...
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    painted doors,dry paint,but sticking to frame when closed?

    My wife, who does all the decorating has done a fantastic job of painting & wallpapering,but the doors she painted,white gloss,which is dry now,still sticks if doors closed,any tips to prevent this please,ta.
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    Hose Pipe Help???????

    get a Hozelock one ( yellow) as I have found these to be the best on the market,you could still just fix an outside tap to you existing pipework with a small alteration, and just use the stop tap under the sink in winter to isolate the outer one,you can buy a complete kit from wickes or B&Q, for...
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    raise the brick wall fence

    I understand that the legal max height is 2mtrs,without planning permission,not sure if trellis is classed as fencing,but shrubs & conifers etc have no height limit,as for your neighbours consent,it's always better to ask, & keep them sweet.
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    Petrol Lawn Mower will not start

    it could be just too much oil in the fuel mix,drain and fill with correct amount of two stroke oil,approx 85ml in a gallon of petrol,always shake the can before filling,if this fails, take out the spark plug, clean, check if sparking, if yes, the get a normal lead pencil, rub the electrode withe...
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    garden decking raised more than 300mm

    was going to have my garden decking delivered on 01/06/2011, only to be told that because it's off the ground at the opposite end from the house (planning officer),approx 1mtr, that we will need planning permision,the end at the house will be on the same level as the existing footway that...