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  1. jefoss

    potterton prima problems

    hey guys, got a beautiful potterton prima f60 boiler its gone off, the start button seems ot not be working. is there anyway i can "hotwire" it to get it up and running till i can get a guy in? cheers
  2. jefoss

    printer driver troubles with windows 7

    hi anyone who can help will be justly rewarded (in heaven!) i have a new laptop and it has windows 7 on it, my printer is a dell photo 944 and i have firefox (and IE if needed) installed on it. i have been on the dell site and for some reason cant set it up, there doesnt seem to be a...
  3. jefoss

    iphone probs

    anyone have any knowledge on iphones? mine got smashed today. (screen totalled) it lights up whenh you ring it. and yes not insured!!! any ideas on how much the lil b**gers are to get replacement lcd screens? cheers jef
  4. jefoss

    quick problem... i hope!

    hiya guys i have a dell 944 photo printer and seem to have found the driver available online for it (as i have no disk) however it just wont seem to download properly to work it!>?!?!?!? any ideas? just one thing that may be important ive just had the laptop factory reset. have i not...
  5. jefoss

    volume problems

    hiya thanks in advance for replies! i had to re install my windows xp pro but now the volume does not work, where can i find it to install it again or what do i need to do? thanks jef
  6. jefoss

    yankee keyboard

    hiya ive come across a problem i cant seem to solve, it seems my stupido laptop has decided to go all yankee doodle on me, i.e. there is now no pound sign all i get is #or f****ng $ any ideas how i can change the begger back to what i want to?? cheers in advance. jef
  7. jefoss

    epson sx100 drivers help please

    got a epson sx100 and cant get a driver online without being asked to pay!! any help very much appreciated. thanks loads jef
  8. jefoss

    i only went out for a pint of milk.....

    seems ive not been here for a few months, did i miss anything? :D
  9. jefoss

    im a chosen one

    had this email anbout 5 times in the last 2 days, they REALLY want me and i dont need any ££ down to start, ideal job sat on as$ not paying out...... wonder when they will need my bank / credit card details. "Hello. Essex Investments is currently started hiring new workers! We thought...
  10. jefoss

    elvis presley

    just been having a chat with mrs J about the fat dead rocker, mainly about how many songs he sang, ive been searching the net and found its well over 300 but cant seem to get a figure, i guess last resort would be to get a discography and count but FT! anyone got any ideas?
  11. jefoss

    v bad payers

    i know its been covered but if anyone knows id be thankful for an answer. ive taken someone to court for non payment, won and now that paymet is again overdue, the court say i can use thier bailifs and it will cost £100 im led to beleive that comes out of my pocket and cant charge customer...
  12. jefoss

    patio probs

    hiya im SO SORRY! im sure you get this Q lots but i cant find a suitable answr for my problem on here anyways ive got a block paved patio and the weeds are out of control, ants too but thats a diff post problem any ideas on something strong? i dont mind paying for decent stuff if...
  13. jefoss

    great way to advertise!

    a few weeks ago a mate of mine ran over a woman at a car boot sale in his van (can you see where this is going?) anyway turns out the woman was still pi**ed from night before she starts on mate saying he was driving too fast, a few people saw and said he wasnt she stumbled into him, in the...
  14. jefoss

    impatience at its height?

    was in the van earlier today, had some guy behind me flashing his lights, the usual move over / out the way flash. i just sat there and laughed i was in no hurry after all i couldnt go anywhere. where was i you ask? macdonalds drive through!!!! im not kidding too, he came up behind...
  15. jefoss


    (not sure if this has been brought up but i didn't see it) i was shocked when i heard that the guy who did the lockerbie bombings is being let out of prison for "compasionate" reasons. surely when anyone says the word compasion mentioning him they should think of the "compasion" he showed...
  16. jefoss


    why cant you have your cake and eat it? whats the point of buying cake if you cant eat it? it makes no sense
  17. jefoss


    i got 5. thats a FACT anyone else as busy as me?
  18. jefoss

    my trainers

    are black and white. they are old and i use them for work. FACT
  19. jefoss

    corgi question

    if someone does some work that should be corgi only (or whatever its called these days) and they are not, does this work legally have to be redone by a registered person?
  20. jefoss

    didnt think id ever see the day

    a post in the tiling forum from everybody's friend :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: