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    2 gang 2 way switch Switch 1 on and off are reverse but Switch 2 is correct.

    I have a 2 gang 2 way switch for 2 lights (corridor light and bathroom light). COM1, LA1 and LA2 is for switch 1 (Bulb 1). COM2, LB1 and LB2 is for switch 2 (Bulb 2). Remark: Those yellow cable are yellow, so we don't know which is live wire. When the switches are on. The bulb 2 is on but the...
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    Replace 2 way 2 gang

    I am replacing the old switch to new switch (2 way 2 gang). The top one is the new switch. The bottom one is the old switch. L11 and L12 are no cable connected. I can't figure out where to put these wires properly on the new switch. Any all help will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you...