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    F9 fault code on Glow-worm Flexicom?

    I pumped up the vessel and removed and cleaned sensor, was working fine but it conked out overnight again, its just a black pressure sensor, should I still replace?
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    I repressurised my Worcester 24si boiler, to 3 by mistake

    No it is not safe, boiler pressure is way too high. You can remove some of the pressure by opening an air vent on a radiator and catching the water in a bag/tub. Open vent let some water out, close vent and check pressure, repeat till 1.2/1.5 bar reached. Could also let some pressure out the...
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    F9 fault code on Glow-worm Flexicom?

    Just received a call for a third time for a glow-worm flexicom going out on F9 fault code. First time I went to it I reset it and fired up no bother, second time I read up about faults related to it such as pressure sensor so I drained the boiler out of relief valve pressure readings okay on so...