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    Weird walls with no studs in new build flat

    I’ve just moved into a brand new flat built at the start of this year and it seems to have weird walls I’ve never seen before. The plasterboard are these massive sheets that are double the thickness of regular plasterboard, and there’s no wooden studs, just metal frame struts every so often...
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    Want to put integrated microwave into brand new kitchen cabinets

    Hi all, My gf and I just bought a new build flat that has a fancy Masterclass Kitchens kitchen with built-in appliances. Unfortunately there’s very little counter space and we also just threw out our old microwave, so I’m thinking of putting in a new integrated microwave in the cabinet above...
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    Should I put dishwasher tee valve before or after double check valve?

    Hello all. I’ve just moved into a new build flat that has a waste and electrics for a dishwasher but no cold feed. Site manager said I could add one in myself and I’ve got a washing machine tee valve but not sure where I should put it as there are double check valves on the feeds to the mixer...
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    Options for replacing an entombed freestanding cooker?

    Hi everyone, We’ve just moved into a new house with an, ahem... *awful* gas oven. I cook quite a lot and it’s not really usable for the degree of cooking I’d usually do. Not to mention that some of the knobs are sticking quite poorly as it’s quite old. So we’ve been looking at replacement 50cm...