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    Sewer access cover

    Hi there. I just notice the hinges for the sewer cover located in our driveway are missing - I assume the developer forgot to put them when they install it. I wonder if anyone know if it’s easy to fix i.e. without breaking the concrete and where I can buy the hinges for this particular cover...
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    “Blisters” in radiator

    Hi there. We moved to a new build a few months ago. I just noted some “blisters” on the radiator which was not there before - not sure the cause. We have not used anything to clean it apart from microfibre clothes for dust. Just wondering if anyone has any idea - I am just worried if it’s more...
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    Is this setup normal?

    Hi there, hope someone can kindly advise. My wife and I recently got the key for our new build 4 bedroom detached. When I had a look at the fuse box, I noted one of the 100A 30mA RCDs was down so I tried to switch it on but it tripped the other RCD straight away. I can only keep 1 RCD on at a...
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    Should I worry about this???

    Hi there, new to the forum - was looking up online and came across this place! I wonder if I should worry about this. Got a ADT engineer to install a new smart security system including security camera at my new build a few days ago. I wasn’t there so I left it with my wife. It was the ADT guy...