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    Replace Grundfos ups2 15-50 or not?

    Hi all, I've got the above pump. I took the head off to clean out the crap in the impeller and put it back together again, I've had sentinel x400 running for almost a month now. My 11 rads dont heat up when all are turned on, but if i isolate downstairs then they work, same for if upstairs is...
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    Last rad being a nightmare to heat up, no CH when HW called as well

    Morning, Thanks to those who have helped me so far as my mission to show the missus I'm not completely useless continues. I've got a massive radiator on the end of my open vented system downstairs. It's a double thick one, over 2m long but only about 50cm tall. It's a nightmare to heat up...
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    Using X400 - lockshield valves fully open?

    Hello, Im going to drain down and put some x400 in the F and E tank in loft. Should I fully open all lockshield valves up to enable good flow throw the system? Or should I keep them balanced? In hoping to clean out a fair bit of sludge as the pump is struggling to reach the last rad in system...
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    Replacing 3 way diverter valve

    Hi all, I'm going to replace my 3 way diverter valve as I did the head only and it's still not working properly. I'm hoping it will be a straight swapover. Can you please advise if I should sand down the pipes and use ptfe tape when doing back up? What method do you use? Cheers, Rusty
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    F23 on Vaillant ecofit pure 415 - lukewarm rads

    Hi all, I'm puzzled by my CH and HW system. I appreciate any help you could give me. I've got a gravity fed system with Vaillant Ecofit Pure 415 on heat only, a grundfos ups2 15-50/60, Fernox TF1 omega for crap catching and a Honeywell 3 port valve. British Gas charged the previous owners a...