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    Thermalite blockwork foundation depth

    Hey guys, So thinking about building a garden room - iw as planning on just making it from timber and insulation board on a concrete slab, however i have a bunch of themalite blocks leftover from our extension As they are so light and will be holding the same load as if it was just made from...
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    Flat Warm Roof Construction (termination into gutter)

    Hey guys I am at the roof stage with my extension - Roof joists are in and i am just after some advice about how the warm roof terminates into the gutter and how it goes across the wall thresh hold I have put some images together of my thoughts, maybe they will all work but just wanted some...
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    Bolting Timber to Steel Beam

    Hey guys, I am doing a single story extension with a flat roof. I have the Steel beam above the opening for the bifold doors (2.8m steel with 2.4m opening) The timber joists for the floor are let into the wall either side back and front and then i am going to joist hang the and timber the...