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  1. Justin Bodley

    Sealing/Painting MDF Bath Side Panel

    Hi!, Currently sorting out my bathroom. Started laying LVT planks today. The bath side panel however is looking a bit rough. It's veneered MDF but it is exposed on the inside which has swelled in a couple of place where water has got to it. Without starting from scratch and making a new panel...
  2. Justin Bodley

    Replacement Electric Shower Recommendations For Hard Water

    Hi all! I need to replace my electric 8.5Kw shower as the dreaded limescale has finished it off. I have seen online that some manufacturers are now adding limescale technology into their showers. Triton have a system called 'Dura-Flow'. I was looking at the T80 model as it seems like an easy...
  3. Justin Bodley

    Tile and Bath Panel Paint Recommendations

    Hi all! I'm currently re doing the bathroom. I hate the tiles around the bath (same ones behind the sink also) and the bath side panel. My question is instead of replacing the tiles which would be a pain as I'd have to remove the sink etc, has anyone had a any good results with tile paint? Been...
  4. Justin Bodley

    Making a Curved Bath Side Panel

    Hey all! I'm in the process of sorting out my bathroom. The side panel for the bath is MDF and because of the crazy design where it sticks out proud of the bath, water sits and has got in expanding the MDF. The misses suggested painting it to match what we want to do with the bathroom bit I'm...
  5. Justin Bodley

    Triton Shower Wattage?

    Hi, I'm looking at having this ancient unit replaced. I want to replace it with a model of the same wattage. The sticker on the bottom has worn away. I took the cover off and found a sticker saying it's 7.8-8.5KW. Does this mean it's 8.5KW? I have tried google searches but it's so old I can find...
  6. Justin Bodley

    Bathroom Flooring Ideas

    Hi all! So our bathroom had a thick carpet. Yuk! I pulled it up as I want to replace with vinyl or LVT flooring. So the previous owner had allowed a gap under the skirting for the carpet for some reason (around 6mm all the way around the room) The curved side panel for the bath only has a...
  7. Justin Bodley

    Insulating An Internal Door?

    Hi! So this door goes into the garage. The room this side is my 'mancave!' and is always freezing this time of the year! The door is just an old door with a single pane of glass. It fits tight against the slam strips. Without replacing the door for a more thermally insulated one, has anyone any...
  8. Justin Bodley

    Boiler Door Opened (By Itself!) And Won't Shut??!!

    Because right now they are the cheapest I can find and like many others are struggling financially to keep their homes heated. I have made a complaint to BG and they are dealing with it. I only came on here for advice. Thank you for you lovely words however. Hope you have a wonderful New Year!
  9. Justin Bodley

    Boiler Door Opened (By Itself!) And Won't Shut??!!

    Because I'm covered by BG! Doh! Why would I pay someone else if I'm already covered!
  10. Justin Bodley

    Boiler Door Opened (By Itself!) And Won't Shut??!!

    So you saying a BT engineer is a DIY person?? lol! Maybe they are.... I don't know!! All I know it had not been touched by me or anyone else apart from the BT engineer. I don't mess around with boilers/gas etc as I am not qualified. I will be contacting BG (if I can!) to raise this issue. I will...
  11. Justin Bodley

    Boiler Door Opened (By Itself!) And Won't Shut??!!

    Have you ever tried to contact BG?? Customer service is pathetic and to be honest, I'd rather use the guy who installed it than those useless @@@@@!! The guy who installed it lives down the road from me. BG could take a week to arrive. All I asked for is advice! Thanks a lot!!
  12. Justin Bodley

    Boiler Door Opened (By Itself!) And Won't Shut??!!

    Hi All!! Thank you for your replies!! After further investigation it seems like a few of you were correct! The lugs on the top are not spring loaded. So, I removed the torx screws on the bottom, bent the metal tabs back into place (I originally thought it was hinged!! Good job the table was in...
  13. Justin Bodley

    Boiler Door Opened (By Itself!) And Won't Shut??!!

    Hi! So I went into the loft earlier today and saw this!! How??? Why??? It locates at the top with spring loaded latches! How on earth could this happen? I am literally scratching my head! Also, I can't close it as it catches on the control unit?? Have tried to wiggle and jiggle it but the...
  14. Justin Bodley

    Bathroom Lighting 12v Driver Question

    Thanks again for all your replies. After going in the loft again etc, changing the fittings/wiring to 240v G10's would be a nightmare as I'd have to pull up some of the floor in the loft, also replacing all the fittings would be expensive. I'm thinking of staying with the 12v option and...
  15. Justin Bodley

    Bathroom Lighting 12v Driver Question

    Thanks for all your replies! Much appreciated! So I'm thinking of just going for 240v because of your replies. Just having a quick look online. These any good? Would they fot the same holes in the ceiling...
  16. Justin Bodley

    Bathroom Lighting 12v Driver Question

    Thanks, is this safe in a bathroom though? I thought that the reason for 12v was because of moisture?
  17. Justin Bodley

    Bathroom Lighting 12v Driver Question

    Hiya! My bathroom currently has 6 x 20w halogen (GU5.3 mr16) 12v downlights which are powered via 2 drivers, 3 lights per driver. 3 of the lights have been out for a while so after investigation it looks like one of the drivers has failed. These were installed by the previous owner. I want to...
  18. Justin Bodley

    Laminate Floor Step Edging

    Hi! Firstly... excuse the mess/dog hair.... it's a room not used much and am in the process of sorting it out. As you can see the step edging has literally disintegrated. Anyone know of a similar replacement edging strip? Original looks like pine, has a slight curve on the edge and it measures...
  19. Justin Bodley

    Keeping Campervan Battery Charged

    Hi, I have a campervan that isn't used a lot during the winter etc, but I do use it now and again. I have recently replaced the starter battery. (No leisure battery at the mo) Normally when not in use, I charge the battery with a charger ever so often just to top it up. The charger is set up...
  20. Justin Bodley

    Moes Smart Central Heating Thermostat

    Arrived and wired as you said! Perfect! Thank you!