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    Glass correct way around

    Thanks, The fitters removed all the k-glass stickers before they were fitted so did not not know if the glass was fitted back to front or not. Just wanted to know with regards preventing heat loss. So is the conclusion is it does not matter which way around the glass pannel is fitted?
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    Need a new alarm system installing

    flipfloppi, Sent you an invite to PM. Need an a new alarm, could you PM me details and price you paid? thanks, phil
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    Glass correct way around

    Is there a way of telling if the glass has been put in the correct way around for the Low-E glass?
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    Dispute with window company

    That sounds really bad. Are they Fensa registared if so maybe contact fensa.
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    UPVC trim - stick with normal sealant ?

    Had some new UPLVC windows fitted and need to stick some UPVC trim to the glossed painted windowsill Can I just use normal sealant?
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    4 x 2 joists screw fixing

    Thanks, that’s the loft insulation all topped up and 2m sq boarded area to store the Xmas decorations etc!
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    4 x 2 joists screw fixing

    I am putting a few 4 x 2 timbers at right angles on top of the existing 4 x 2 joists in the loft to raise the height for loft insulation and board on top for storage. What is the best way to screw the timbers down to the joists. Straight through the top of 1 joist vertically down in the...
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    Loft insulation and boarding

    Thanks JohnD
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    CONTIBOARD or veneered MDF also question for JasonB!

    Thanks big all. JasonB .... Been looking at your photo gallery, Great work! Like in the picture below in one of our rooms we already have a white architrave around the fitted wardrobe but want to update the doors from the 1960’s.! What type of wood / finish did you use for this...
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    CONTIBOARD or veneered MDF also question for JasonB!

    Need to make (or purchase) some cupboards doors for the bedrooms. Is Veneered MDF better to use than Contiboard ? What it the best tool to cut it ? Where can veneered MDF be purchased in Sheffield / Rotherham. Ps. Don’t suppose there is a joiner on here in the Sheffield Rotherham...
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    Loft insulation and boarding

    Looking at creating a small boarded stoarge area about 2m * 2m for light storage. Want to keep the insulation close to 270mm. 1960 semi - roof joists are 400mm apart. and i think 100mm high. When putting counter-battens across the joists what type of timber should be used? Pressure...
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    Sentinel X100 Inhibitor via filling loop on combi

    We have had to take a couple of rads off while some plastering was done. We have now fitted the rads back on and need to top up the combi with some Sentinel X100 Inhibitor. With some water drained off the system will we be able to pour the Inhibitor through the filling loop on the combi...
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    Caulk ?

    We have painted a newly skimmed wall and where it meets the wood architrave of the door it has tiny paint cracks in the emulsion. The wall and architrave are at right angles to each other. Should we have put a tiny bit of Caulk in before we painted.? Does the same apply to a plaster...
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    Are sure it was not tanking?
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    coving / fix to wood.

    We have a strip of plaster coving (127mm) we need to attach to wood on the wall, what is the best way to do this? thanks.
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    Wall skim but small rough patch

    Thanks everyone, greatly appreciated !....Easi-Fill worked a treat! Just a quick question why do you do a mist coat first before using Easi-Fill? Is it just that it helps so spot any imperfections better or something else?
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    downlighters Shower - fitted close to the joist!

    Would replacing it with a with low energy be an option oharaf? We are just want some ideas of what the Electrician might be able to do without having to get the whole ceiling replasted!
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    downlighters Shower - fitted close to the joist!

    About 20mm away I think! That’s why I thinking of replacing with low energy. Any other suggestions, some sort of metal joist covering maybe? Other than that it is speck to the electrician company who are not going to be fourth coming in paying the cost to have the just recently...