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    Insulation around woodwork

    Hello all I'm replacing rockwool insulation with celotex GA4000 and intend to insulate between the rafters (ceiling to bottom) and also under the rafters. My question is, where the cross member is running along the rafters, whats the best way to insulate around this? I intend to use the dwarf...
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    Quick Question - Sealant For Gaps In Rafter Insulation

    I'm putting 50mm GA4050 between rafters and 80mm GA4080 under the rafters. If my saw is broke (wink) and wanders ever so slightly on the insulation i'm using between rafters, can anyone advise whether i need to plug these gaps with some sealant or not? If so can you suggest a sealant. I'll be...
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    Walkin Loft Hatch Idea

    Hi All I have a bungalow that has stairs at the end taking you up to a first floor landing. I was thinking about adding a door to a wooden frame that is already built into the attic wall for head room. Has anyone carried out anything like this in the past? The image is side view and not to...
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    90mm Rafters Insulation Questions

    Thanks for the advise Richard is very much appreciated. Just to recap. 100mm between extended rafters and 25mm on top (or combination to achieve depth of 125mm) then plasterboard on top of that? Seal all joints and joins as appropriate. Check ventilation and fit ridge vents and soffit vents...
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    90mm Rafters Insulation Questions

    I have actually got dwarf walls however i'm going to insulate the whole roof from top to bottom and create cupboards behind the dwarf walls. If i insulate the roof then at some point, starting from the top the roof the insulation will meet the floor (or joists of the ceiling below). Its that...
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    90mm Rafters Insulation Questions

    Thanks Richard The 3mm plyboard is basically up one side across the ceiling and down the other side so i'll be taking it all off. I wasn't planning on putting anything in the roof space above the ceiling but probably just doing the same thing to the ceiling as the sides. Is this ok or are you...
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    90mm Rafters Insulation Questions

    I feel a bit guilty about clicking on the 'New Topic' button as there so much information on here about the topic but if you could spare the time to advise me that would be great. I have purchased a house with 2 rooms in the pitched roof space. The rafters are 90mm deep 35mm wide with spacing...