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    Oil or preserver for cedar garden table?

    Hi all, i have been made a lovely garden table and bench out of cedar but as yet it hasn't been treated with any kind of preserver. It has lovely colourings and grains so ideally i want to put some form of clear preserver/varnish or oil onto it as i don't want to stain it. Can anyone recommend...
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    Sunday noise.

    I am taking a wall down indoors and my new neighbour has just complained about the noise. Are there any regulations that i have to stick to regarding making noise/building work in my own house at weekends?
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    Help with running tv aerial cable?

    Cheers Fred for those links. Im gonna get on the case. The last thing im unsure of is what kind of plate i would need in the main living room? For the bedrooms the plate with the 3 sockets (TV Sat and FM) will do the job but what kind of plate is required for the main room. Ta mate.
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    Help with running tv aerial cable?

    Fred, I want one of these loft boxes now!!! Where did you get it and roughly how much are they? I may as well do it properly now while i have the chance eh!
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    Help with running tv aerial cable?

    Cheers all, ive got the booster box, as daft as it sounds i wasnt sure if the aerial system worked on a ring similar to electrics. If its as simple as running seperate cable from the splitter/booster box in the loft to the 3 bedrooms then i shall jump to it!!! Thanks again.
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    Help with running tv aerial cable?

    Morning all, i have recently moved into a new place and although its been newly rewired they have only run aerial cable to the front room. I would like to put points in the 3 bedrooms upstairs. How am i best to do this please? Any help would be much appreciated.