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    Hi When using lining paper do you have to use same paste for finish wallpaper? as I was going to use solvite for lining walls and decorators choice ready mixed for finish paper. Thx
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    Cracks in rendering

    Hi Can anyone tell me the best way to repair cracks in render, they are on the gable and are pretty much top to bottom.I have chopped a piece out and there is no crack in brickwork underneath. Should i chop out either side of crack about 30cm and render or grind crack a little bit wider and...
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    Skimming textured ceiling

    Sorry to jump in on thread, but i am in the same process. Is it really necessary to put bonding coat on first over artex if artex has been scraped flat? Also i have quite a big ceiling to do is there any way of slowing down the process of plaster going off, as i am not the quickest. Thx
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    red emulsion

    Hi All Any tips on using red emulsion, just painted dining room in Dulux (ruby fountain red) gave it 2 full coats and it looks really patchy! it was covering a magnolia. Just feel that if i was to give it another 2 it wouldn't be much better. Do i buy another tin or would maybe a flat mat in...
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    yellowing gloss

    Family non smokers Not much daylight in hall Is waterbased gloss any good? which make is best? Would using satinwood over top be any good? Cheers
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    yellowing gloss

    Hi All Just gone back to a job i did a few months ago and gloss paint (Dulux) in hall has gone really yellow. Wood work was sanded, U/C and glossed. I'm going to have to put it right, if use the same system then same will happen again. What would be a better option if wanted gloss to stay...
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    Painting rafters

    Hi all what paint would be suitable to paint roof rafters? there is about a foot exposed outside under the roofline. Cheers
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    peeling varnish

    Hi Ive got to varnish a wooden porch its mahogany, but a lot has flaked off. I think it will look patchy if i go over it with a normal woodstain, is there a product that will cover bare patches and existing varnish in one or two coats? Thx
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    putty/ exterior filler

    Hi All Putty has fell out areas of my windows, ive looked at putty but it says can be re-painted after 28 days, but dont want to wait that long. Can i use an exterior filler as this will try quicker?
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    Acrylic eggshell Vs Soft sheen

    Hi All Is there much difference between Acrylic eggshell and soft sheen, is there a time when you would use one as opposed to the other? Thx
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    Acrylic eggshell

    Thx for quick reply
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    Acrylic eggshell

    Hi ive got to paint a dental surgery, would you recommend using acrylic eggshell? is there much difference between brands is Leyland any good? Thx
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    cracks on walls

    Thx for that! Will give it a go
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    cracks on walls

    Is that the stuff thats in a tub, ready mixed? do i need to rake out first or just fill crack? cheers
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    cracks on walls

    Hi All I know this has been discussed many times but, ive got to paint a hallway where it has been re- skimmed about 2 years ago and it has many cracks across walls in all directions. Not sure what is the cause is, just wondered what the best option is for filling?
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    Paint pulling off wall

    Think ive sussed what has happened, the paint in the tray and my kettle kept forming a skin so needed stirring frequently. thx guys
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    Paint pulling off wall

    Thx for that sounds spot on! thought with retail paints you would have longer workin time :oops: hope i can flaten the wall down on monday! :?
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    Paint pulling off wall

    no it was mat going on mat, every other wall was fine :?
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    Paint pulling off wall

    mmm the only problem was it looked congealed on the wall so i scraped some of it off :oops: i was thinking let it dry over the weekend hopefully i can flaten it down and repaint :?
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    Paint pulling off wall

    No its been previously painted about 4 times, it was only pulling the paint off that i was putting on.