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    Boiler Cupboard Door

    I am currently boxing in my boiler which is in the corner of the kitchen. We've used MDF 18mm for the side panel and I'd like some advice on the best material for the door because due to its size I've not been able to find a ready made door to fit. Should I use MDF for the door or something...
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    How to remove varnish?

    Good Morning, I have a coffee table made from reclaimed scaffold boards and it was originally varnished in a dark stain but I would like to remove this varnish as I'd like to have a more natural, light-coloured wood. Can someone please advise on the best way to do this myself at home? I live...
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    Vailant EcoTec 615 System Boiler - Water Temperature?

    Thank you both for your helpful replies. I did try and google the information but all the advice I found seemed to be for combi boilers.
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    Vailant EcoTec 615 System Boiler - Water Temperature?

    Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to turn down my water temperature on this boiler? When I turn my hot tap on the water is boiling almost immediately. I have the manual but it doesn't say how to do it. Also, the boiler seems to keep firing up for no reason, when this happens there is a...