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    Garden Office TV mounting

    Good Afternoon, Thank you for reading this and offering any advice you might have. Over the summer I built a pre-fabbed garden office. It went together quite well, some hiccups aside. The walls are 44mm Spruce which I insulated with 25mm insulation board inbetween batons screwed along the walls...
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    Partially exposed earth wire in plug

    Thank you to everyone for posting, you've put my mind as ease. Decay
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    Partially exposed earth wire in plug

    Morning, I'm doing a project of insulating our new garden office with 25mm insulation board and 3.6mm plywood. All is going well so. We have an electrician doing the electrics and wiring a fuse board and some plugs. When i was putting on one of the plywood boards I undid one of the fascias on...