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    Aerial booster worries

    Thanks for all the advice, I've wired the new socket from the FCU. Been using the new aerial booster for about a week now and it all seems fine. Thanks again.
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    Aerial booster worries

    Hi, hope you can help me. A recent storm seemed to do my loft based aerial booster no favours. I've bought a new one but have no socket in the loft to plug it into. The old setup was in place when I moved into the house and it is wired directly into a fused switch box, the fuse is a...
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    Metal dimmer switch

    Is it normal to get a current flowing through a metal-faced light switch? I can't feel it to touch but, my little electrical-tester screwdriver lights up when in contact with the plate. I have recently installed a dimmer switch with a metal facia. I use it to control a set of 3 x 20W 12v...