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    Washing machine drainage hose good practice

    I did try cutting the extension pipe and forcing the ribbed hose onto the sprigot. However, on this occasion, the tube was struggling to fit onto the sprigot very far, so it would have leaked and I had to abandon this approach. Thanks for the suggestion though! I gave it a good shot.
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    Washing machine drainage hose good practice

    Thanks all for the advice. In the end I decided to just drill a hole between the cupboard sections where the hose exits the machine and feed the original hose through (previously I was using an existing hole at the bottom with the extension hose). The advice to turn the sprigot really helped as...
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    Washing machine drainage hose good practice

    Any plumbers that can foresee issues with the below set up? I have installed my washing machine and needed to extend the drainage hose. Only options I found was 2.5m. This is leaving a lot of excessive hose that I’ve had to arrange as in the picture. My concern is stagnant water building up and...
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    Yale Security Systems Change Of Ownership

    Below is the answer that Yale support have given me to move out and leave my Yale Smart Alarm in a default state for the new owners can set up and register themselves. Hope it helps others: In order to do this, the master registered user needs to login the Yale Home App, go to settings, users...