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    on site rules

    ia havnt been asked for the C.S.C.S card on the last 3 sites but in reference i do see that the work force should have some kind of training and keeps half these immagrants off my back
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    Knocking through a chimney breast for range cooker

    you will need lintel but the condition off the inside off the chimmney can also cause you probs expecially cooking food beneith it
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    Converting a 'Pole dancing' pole to a bistro table

    pole dancing in your front room sounds better than a boring table does she come free with it
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    water coming through in window hallway

    cracks in the slab and bricks opening up!!! you should get this checked out can you stick photos onto project forum
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    what tv fixings ?.

    anchor bolts are the best remedy you cn also fill the drilled hole with a cemical fix sollution or extra security
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    Gordon Brown - How much longer can he hang on?

    if he retires like blair you no he left us in even more ****
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    Hi everyone, a strange request for you

    rats as a pet i dont get it but there is a material that even rats cant get through its a type off plastic called trespa usually used in commercial toilet construction and hospital furniture durable enough for the problem and is also avalaiable in many colours
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    Do I have damp or condensation problems?

    sorry mate looks like damp problems you can hiher a moister detecter from speedy hiher which can measure the seriouseness off the problem now you propbley worked out why they wall papered the walls now
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    Screwed by a builder "friend".

    there is a system used with wood called a floating floor system usually used in installing gyms, dance floors and some commercial floors if your door is already sat higher this can be a solution but if the out building is off victorian - edwardian build then you can have a damp proof course...
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    **HELP** Structural opening stable?

    by the sounds off it your builder has built brick piers straight onto the wood flooring which is a big nono but if your floor truses run over the wall in celler they would need to be fitted with joist hangers then the originol wall built to hight needed
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    tools and materials

    has any one tried out galvonised scaffold towers the prices are to good to be true seen picks off them but they still look shakey for brick work
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    hire the drill it might be for one hole but you need some thing with guts like the hilti ts 2000 if you use a lighter drill your drill time can quadruple and brn the core out in one go expecially on any thing over 100mm
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    dodgy tradesmen

    i cant count how many dodgy trades man i have met but even on the building sites they turn up with there brand new 240 volt tools the problem even then they still let them get away with it there should be more chances out there for kids and others to be able to get the training needed to become...
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    Do you Vibrate too much at work?

    only when my boss stops phoning me usually till 8
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    i nether advertised but been working steadely for over 10 years by sub-contracting to building firms which tiling on most major developments is about £10 per SQ mtr ,with sub contracting im in work with out the need to worry about ripoff house holders have you tried the inland revenues...
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    Handrail & spindle replacement.

    good finnished hand rail 8)
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    Repointing - Did I do OK?

    if i done that on a building site my boss would just head butt me should of used a pointing trowel brick acid and the wire brush can resolve the problem and shouldnt drop the price off your home i would like to ask you about the scaffold tower though thinking off buying one for my own work did...
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    Yep, I must be mad! [pics]

    dont touch the gas or install the newboiler get some one registered as they can issue you with a gas certificate kitchens are almost straight foreward just cutting the worktop in the hardest thing
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    Renovation Project...Where To Start!!?

    personally mate if the floors can be left iwould leave them as the cost and trouble would be excesive but this does depends on the age and designof your house i also seen on your list that you are putting in partision walls after electrics to say at least with electricsand plumbing i would...
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    Replacing the Kitchen

    nice electrics mate :roll: