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    carbon emmissions This site has a calculator to work out your co2 emmissions for various forms of transport and homes, you can also donate funds to help projects to offset your emmissions and become carbon neutral. Apparrently a family of 4 flying to Spain for a holiday will produce more...
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    A good offer?

    Had another one today telling me i'd won loads of euros in a draw i havent even entered! Euromillion Loteria Español Pol.Lasao, Area Anardi 155, 28090 Madrid. Spain Branch. Ref. Nº: ESM/WIN/008/05/10/MA Batch. Nº: EULO/2907/444/908/06. YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS WON...
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    A good offer?

    Should I reply to this e-mail I received today? and could sharing it with everyone here reduce my income potential? Dear Friend, My name is Mr Marthins Lawrence.I am the chief accountant of South Africa National Petroluem Corporation(S.N.P.C). and by my position,i was privileged to...
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    Urgent Newsflash from the DVLA

    He He! nice one BAS, dont mind if I use the original statement? Just an aside; the town council here in Cheltenham the council has banned taxi drivers flying these flags on licenced taxis, they say it confuses the public about whether or not the vehicle is a licenced taxi or not! hah! does this...
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    Blairs Britain

    Talking about past governments, can YOU remember the last Labour Government? Everybody on strike, Bodies piling up in morgues, rubbish in the street (mountains of it), power cuts, hyper inflation, rich people leaving the country in droves due to the taxes, fuel rationing, etc Maggie was a...
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    Blairs Britain

    clean off the accrued crud and residual wax from previous candles, then give it a darn good polish! 8) :lol:
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    Does my town look like Bangladesh? No, not on yer life...... I live in Cheltenham, when the ruling Tories put up a black candidate at some elections some time ago, all the local tory voters went and voted LibDem and its stayed that way ever-since. The local toffs wouldn't let their lovely old...
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    Blairs Britain

    Blairs Britain: Convicted foreign criminals on the loose. Ministers having affairs. Nhs in turmoil. Education in chaos. Terrorists blowing us up. Petrol about to top £1 litre. Rising unemployment. Immigrant numbers unknown and unchecked. Criminal gangs running areas of the country...
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    TVR are not actually quiting Britain for certain(not yet anyway). TVR spokesman Jason Oxley told the Daily Telegraph: "We are not announcing TVR’s closure, we are not being sold, we just haven’t renewed the lease on the current factory. We are looking to remain in the Blackpool area and we...
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    How's this for a good bbq party?

    Biggest burger, biggest onion, biggest knife, and what the heck was all that 'stuff' on it? I wonder if any of them asked to be 'supersized'?
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    Should Jade Goody be allowed?

    yeah the girl did good to get as far as she did, I sometimes have a fleeting thought about trying the london marathon, but a, I'd never stick the training required and b, unless you're doing it for a charity you cant get an entry. Its a great event and congratulations to anyone who has a go :)
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    Celebrity Lookalikes

    You look like him on here as well :lol:
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    Should Jade Goody be allowed?,,2-2006180723,00.html I know she was doing it for charity (NSPCC) but was it sensible? She could have written them a cheque and saved the NHS the cost of treating her, or is that harsh and it's the taking part that counts? either way the Suns descriptions of her gave...
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    Happy St Georges Day

    :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Foreign workers

    Interesting article on the subjects of racism and immigration: Covers most of the posts here and promotes a mature understanding of the issues involved.
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    Happy St Georges Day

    Oh yes please, keep sending those pasties to England :lol:
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    burn the string with the suns rays and a magnifying glass?
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    How many can you think of?

    Winston Codogo? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Toffee, I am really impressed with that post! What is your line of work,(excuse me if you dont want to say) but you seem to be really trying to help with problems and trying to make a difference, Applause all the way, We're tied up with making life better for disabled kids, saving schools from...
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    How many can you think of?

    Was he arrested by constable Savage? :lol: