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    texecom premier Flush mount vs Surface mount.

    Carl, get it replaced, i am the Product Manager for Texecom, any issues just quote my name.
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    Texecom Smoke Detectors - Pretty Awful

    Like I said on the other forum, this is purely your opinion, Texecom smoke detectors are kite marked and tested by BSI to all relevant national and international standards.
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    You seek to misquote what i have written, so in the words of the Dragons, i am out. Like you say being straight up causes problems, thats what i am and that is why what i say is sometimes viewed as controversial. Have a great day, i know i will.
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    Depends on the risk. As for the organisation you mention, i am not the one who wants to pick on someone, they state that the system is not police or insurance approved, and they may be using a standalone speech dialler to telecommmunicate, these as i am sure you know will work with any...
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    Like i said you have no idea what you are talking about, Apples and Pears to people that know, the problem is you are trying to make out that your apples are the same as our pears, and you tell unwitting customers this, I accept there will always be a DIY market, but DIY kit should be fitted as...
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    OK so you THINK you know, just for your information I am currently:- A Director of the BSIA Chairman of the Security Equipment Manufacturers Section at the above A UK Expert on CENELEC TC79 WG2 responsible for EN Detector Standards A UK Expert on CENELEC TC79 WG11 responsible for EN...
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    Not looking for an argument I just wanted to know what qualifies your opinion so that anybody else reading the thread knows that the source of your information can be trusted.
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    And your personal area of expertise in specifying and grading security systems is.....
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    That is not what i said, and the examples you use all have specific requirements with regards to standards for emissions, electrical safety, safety testing, insulation etc.... So yes you can buy a cheap car or an expensive car, but they still have standards in pace to dictate how they work...
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    Scantronic 9448 door contact wiring?

    It rather depends on where they are connected inside the control panel, do you have a multi meter, what is your level of understanding for electronics? THERE IS MAINS INSIDE THE CONTROL PANEL ISOLATE THE CONTROL PANEL MAINS BEFORE OPENING IT.
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    No not really I don't believe that any systems should be sold which do not meet the requirements of published standards. Standards are there for a reason, to make sure the kit you buy does what it is intended for, I fail to see how equipment that does not meet the requirements of the...
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    No i cannot and that is my point, if you want peace of mind that your wireless or wired alarm system will operate correctly it's going to cost more than £155 and so it should. Unfortunately most people do not see an alarm system as desirable and therefore do not associate the correct level of...
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    Yale Premium Alarm Hsa6400 Wirefree Alarm Kit

    It really is quite simple, for house holders and professionals alike, there are standards that cover the installation requirements and the performance of security systems in buildings. If the equipment meets those requirements, and has been independently tested and certified to the requirements...
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    texecom wintex 64 bit

    Wintex works on Windows 7 64bit no problem as you will notice it gets installed in the Programme Files (X86) folder, in other words 32 bit.
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    Texecom Premier 48 qusetion

    Also glad RTFM worked, I wrote the manual
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    HELP....Texecom Alarm problem

    This can already be done with the Premier 640, speak to our tech guys, as for other panels no firm dates, it's in development and thats all i can say at this point.
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    Wireless expander question

    The interface is called the IXP-w we sell as a kit with an 8-XP expander, and yes you can learn devices using the onboard LED's, or you can hook it up to a PC, download Ricochet Monitor software, and learn from there. The other alternative is using an engineers keypad, but if you don't fit a lot...
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    Texecom installer

    Sorry been out of the country for a few days, please PM me your details and i will make sure your inquiry is dealt with
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    Tiling and waterproofing

    Suggest you read the tiling sticky and do a search on here before you do anything, there are many things to consider such as tile size, weight, adhesive, and the background you are tiling on please do this or you could be making a costly mistake.
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    Texecom error when alarming

    Yep had the Vodafone thing in my area like i said, it was bad, literally no signal for two days, and i mean nothing. As alarm says, Dualpath or at least a backup form of signaling always recommended, when dealing with anything to do with Mobiles your signal and service is in somebody else's...