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    Bay window flat roof drain leaking

    Great thanks, I'll look into that.
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    Bay window flat roof drain leaking

    It then comes out the side anda plastic pipe that goes into a downpipe
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    Bay window flat roof drain leaking

    Hi all Currently renovating our bedroom. We have a bay window which has leaked on and off. We thought we fixed the leak by painting some of that liquid roof stuff on and repointing the stone. But there's been heavy rain and I think the internal drain is failing now. I noticed the damp again...
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    How to prep for skim coat

    Hi all, Hoping you can help. I have plastered a room before but I put plasterboard up so was fairly easy. We've been quoted £2000 for our bedroom and I just can't part with the cash when I know I can at least have a go myself! But I'm unsure how to prep the walls read for a skim. I'll attach...