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    ideal mini c24 thing

    pump runs and the bastard ignites for about 1 second then dies the green LED flashesabout twice a second any ideas please xx
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    socket siting

    in a pub kitchen is it a reg that a socket must be a metre away from the sink or is that just prefered ?
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    is it against regs to put a suspended ceiling in a pub kitchen ? also in said kitchen is it LAW to site sockets at least a metre away from the sink?
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    whistlin rad valves ?

    new valves new combi old pipework why do rad valves whistle like a kettle? please
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    samwan elp please

    cheers guys will do
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    push button toilet

    would fitting a single check non return valve on the inlet pipe stop the loud clunking noise when the cistern has finished filling
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    is a diaphragm inside the diverter valve before i phone my engineer back
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    samwan elp please

    yes it fires up straight away then cuts out after between 10 secs and about 30 if you leave the tap running it doesnt come back on and only fires up in the first place if the taps on full bore
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    push button toilets

    are push button toilets designed to make that stupid loud clunking noise once the cisterns finished filling?
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    samwan elp please

    worcester 24cdi rsf. the hot water only works for a minute or less then cuts off with no fault code flashing. why? works longer on half bore but on full still flows but boiler cuts out with no flashing lights