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  1. Micky87

    Damp wall beside window

    Anyone any idea why the wall seems to be getting wet beside the window?
  2. Micky87

    Hole in laminate flooring.

    My child just dropped a hard toy on the floor and left a nice big dent in it. Just wondering what the best way to repair this is. I've no spare floorboards left.
  3. Micky87

    Bedroom Window

    Just looking for some help. This is my sons bedroom window. The window had a small leak last year and the wall went a bit damp. Where do I start on making it look nice again.
  4. Micky87

    Washing machine and sink smells

    Anyone help not sure my washing machine is draining properly at the minute and clothes seem to come out musty after a wash. Is the drain pipe to long and water still stuck in it after a wash? Plus when my sink is draining awful smells come up thru it as well.