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    system file corrupt

    Thats what I thought initially and made a repair back up disc from my pc which runs windows 7 I then transfered it to a flash drive and set his laptop to boot from usb there was signs of the flash drive being addressed but then nothing. However his laptop is 32bit and my pc is 64 bit would this...
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    system file corrupt

    My son has a think pad which runs windows 7 . It has crashed with the info displayed windows\system32\config corrupted it does not even start to boot when this appears. Am I correct in thinking that because he did not make a back up repair disc when he bought it mainly because it does not have a...
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    hotpoint freezer running too cold

    Thanks to all for replies but I have now resolved the problem. I am a retired brown/white goods engineer but had no training or experience in the refrigeration field. However I did suspect either the control board or the freezer sensor and took a gamble on it being the pcb. Hotpoint guilty in my...
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    hotpoint freezer running too cold

    Yes it is frost free when eorking normally and the door seal seems to be in good condition
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    hotpoint freezer running too cold

    I have a hotpoint ffa97 fridge/freezer the motor and fan seem to be constantly running and the frezzer is so cold it has gone off the scale of the thermometer whereas the fridge is running too hot at about 10c it is icing up around the door seal and in the handle at the top of the freezer door...
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    Whirlpool Washer NO SPIN AWM822

    Well thanks for that sniggles I actually posted that six years ago one month after I retired hence I no longer contribute to this forum but I am pleased it was of some help and also good on you for keeping this machine in good working order I know how old it is from the model number. Pity the...
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    hotpoint wma58

    Or pumped straight out of machine after filling jumping to rinse/spin mode missing out the wash part of programme
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    Tape Was Jammed In VCR Machine, Now Picture Jumps

    quite sure your heads is not the problem but with philips vcr's the pinch wheel was usually the culprit check the tapes that have gone through the machine while the fault has been on open the cassette flap and see if the tape has been creased in a slant pattern at intervals along the tape if...
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    gas cooker electrical connections

    Hi We have just had an installer out this morning to replace our old gas integrated oven with a brand new one.He had to leave without installing because he could not access gas pipe feed to the old cooker (old cooker 18yrs old and fitted with solid pipe feed) the cooker was fitted when the...
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    sky minidish lnb removal

    A bit of a push pull twist and the use of a thin blade screwdriver and you can overcome the barb fixing. however are you sure the LNB is faulty the one I changed for my son a few months ago turned out to be an overgrown tree half way up his terraced garden completely blocking the signal in the...
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    TV no signal

    does the aerial go via another bit of equipment ie vhs recorder or dvd recorder or sky box which may have been disconnected from the mains before your experiment. If this is so try plugging your aerial cable direct into your wifes tv and scan for channels again
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    Sky RF outlet power

    If there is no dc voltage across rf2 socket at rear of the box with nothing connected then it only leaves the box.If rf is there then the internel lead must be ok.Suggest you register on your local freecycle website and ask for skybox my son has had two for free this way as there are a lot of...
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    Sky RF outlet power

    When you say no juice from the socket to clarify does this mean you are not measuring a 7/9v dc output across the rf2 socket at the rear of the sky box with the rf2 power enabled on the menu and nothing connected to it
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    Picture shift to right

    yes you are correct whitevanman you will access these from the same menu the problem for the diyer is that the information comes up on the menu usually with the chip number only and you would have to have the knowledge or the circuit diagram to pinpoint the line processing chip manufacturers...
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    Picture shift to right

    Just a little error by whitevanjack you will need to alter the horizontal line shift and not the vertical if the picture has shifted to the right . The verticle will shift the frame north or south.These adjustments are usually only found in the engineers service manual which may prove to be hard...
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    Sky remote code for LOGIK TV

    Hi Mickey the reason I did not answer the posters question was that it was already adequately answered correctly by Chrisfrost until you rudely replied to that post as total tosh. What do I base that on well 38yrs in the tv and electronics servicing trade as a service technician bench and...
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    Sky remote code for LOGIK TV

    A bit of advice for mickymoody leave the the posts requiring a technical answer to the technical guys you have done nothing but cloud the issue with the op with your nonesense of a reply and re-replies
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    digitrex ctf3271 lcd tv turning on fault

    Although capacitors drying out would possibly have that effect capacitors drying out and going low capacitance is an age related thing I would doubt that a lcd tv is a bit too young (just my opinion) Any fault on the power supply or associated circuits will cause the set to sit in permanant...
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    Converting VHS Video to DVD...Suggestions please

    direct way you will need another vhs player there is a lot of second hand used about I obtained one from my local freecycle network you would have to buy a dvd recorder I bought one from an Argos sell off branch for £29.99.could try ebay Connect the two machines with a full scart to scart lead...
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    mind of its own

    just a follow up for compheat your diagnosis was correct. A heating engineer was called in he confirmed the fault with the manufacturers technical dept. valve fitted fault rectified.