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    HELP PLEASE vaillant turbomax vuw 242/1e,282/1e

    You can tell if thermostats are working as it displays the temperature you're setting it to as you rotate it. Then it will revert back to displaying the current flow temp. If it remains on the flow temp then they have snapped. They break really easily. You could always get your plumber to...
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    Central heating only works for a couple of mins

    Feel the flow pipe at the boiler. Is it so hot that it's possible the boiler is overheating due to poor circulation. If so I would check the pump. Even if the pump is spinning it may be very weak. Would also be helpful to know what boiler you have and whether any fault is indicated or if it...
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    Valiant Ecotec plus 831 pressure issue

    Unless the pressure is going through the roof and dispersing water through the PRV then I wouldn't really consider it a problem. As stated you possibly need a larger vessel so may have to add an additional one external to the boiler but if it's all working why are you even worried?
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    Megaflo- how to reinstate air bubble...

    If the pressure has reduced significantly I would be looking at the pressure reducing valve. It may just need servicing or worst case replacing. Either way it's not a major job.
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    Would you still have a tank in the loft if given the option?

    Well if it's a combi the heating circuit will definitely be sealed. If you also have it heating a hot water cylinder it really depends on the type of cylinder. If it is a traditional vented style then it will be fed from a large cold water storage tank in the loft. If it is a mains pressured...
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    Why have a central heating temperature control on a boiler?

    I'm not too hot with all the models of the worcesters. Am I right in thinking that's a combi boiler? If so I think the hot water temperature is preset and the thermostat on the boiler only controls the flow temperature to the heating system. In response to your last question is that with the...
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    Pressure dropping on boiler.

    Does it drip constantly or only when you have the heating on? If the latter I would expect the problem to lie with a flat expansion vessel.
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    Would you still have a tank in the loft if given the option?

    You would still have a tank if you had a vented hot water cylinder. Combi boilers aren't sufficient for the hot water demands of larger homes and it is expensive to upgrade to an unvented system. Having a condensing boiler doesn't necessarily mean removing the tanks. Having a sealed heating...
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    Vaillant TurboMAX 837 losing pressure then Red Light

    It's on the back of the boiler. There is a schrader valve on it (a normal tyre inflating valve) which to attach a pump to. If you pressurise the boiler then take the cap off the schrader valve and depress the pin, if water comes out then it needs replacing. If not then you need to close the...
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    Vaillant TurboMAX 837 losing pressure then Red Light

    Obviously as you said you need to check the pressure relief pipe to see if it's dripping. If it is expansion vessel issues which is most likely you will see the pressure rise significantly when the central heating gets up to temperature. You may find it's dripping all the time from the PRV as...
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    ch not working - pump?

    Depends on the set up and which boiler you have. Either the pump will come off the same switched live that fires the boiler or it will come from the pcb of the boiler. Either way if the timer is on and the boiler has fired up then the pump should be running. You've said the boiler fires up but...
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    Combi losing pressure

    I thought the minimum was half a bar. Irrelevant and unimportant but just wanted to check.
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    Why have a central heating temperature control on a boiler?

    I didn't read the second part of your post. As I said every house is different so it's about finding the right balance between a low flow temperature that is capable of allowing the house to reach the desired temperature. Obviously you also need it hot enough to heat your hot water if you have...
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    Why have a central heating temperature control on a boiler?

    A room thermostat tells the boiler when to switch off and the thermostat on the boiler controls the temperature of the water coming out of the boiler. I.e. How hot the radiators are to touch? Running at a lower temperature is more efficient but every house is different so what works for one may...
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    vokera compact 25 pressure problems

    Because it's a common problem and would be identified by the exact symptoms you describe. Check the pressure when the central heating has been on for half an hour or when hot and if your expansion vessel is flat, or worse, split, the pressure will be above three bar and the pressure relief pipe...
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    Worcester boiler diaphragm broken in mixer.

    Given the speed of his response and the time it's unlikely the man from worcester had the chance.
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    Can anyone help please

    I think everyone is waiting for a least a clue of what boiler you have. I'm sure people do this as a wind up.
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    Hot water heating time????

    Try putting your hot water on before the heating comes on to see if heats it quicker without sharing with the heating circuit.
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    Rippled bend in copper pipe

    It's not the benders it because it was cheaper, thinner copper tube. It'll be fine though. I have hilmors and it only ripples the pipe when I buy it from certain places that have the thinner tube.
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    Immersion Heater stiff / cannot remove!

    I hit the immersion spanner with a hammer. Obviously I don't go mad, I just tap it harder and harder till it breaks the seal and then it usually comes out easily.