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    Mini RCBO's or whole new consumer unit?

    Thank you for all replies... The build work is being done with build regs approval and I will have a final testing done prior to EIC and completion certification. The electrical design was done by myself after consultation with a qualified electrician who has inspected the new wiring along...
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    Mini RCBO's or whole new consumer unit?

    That's my ignorance, I should have typed just RCBO : (
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    Mini RCBO's or whole new consumer unit?

    I've completed building extension to our kitchen which included: • extending the wiring of one 32A ring, adding about six dble sockets. • reduced number of sockets (by about 2) and extended cabling slightly to re-complete another 32A ring. • extended wiring of one 6A circuit by adding approx 8...
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    Replacing thermostatic mixer bar

    Having found the price of a Grohe cartridge (and also the temp knob is sliding past its stop), I decided to replace the bar with a cheaper whole unit. I've tried a cheap very Bristan and now a cheap Triton (both made in China I think). Unfortunately neither would quite line up with the...
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    Trimming top edge of aluminium kick board

    thanks guys!
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    Trimming top edge of aluminium kick board

    Getting final stages of re-fitted kitchen done. I've used old units and I'm pretty fed-up with it. I've got some nice aluminium kick-boards but they are just too high to fit, it is so tight, I need to trim a couple of mm's at least off the top edge to get them in. The aluminium has a little...
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    How much adhesive is acceptable under floor tiles?

    I've managed to get floor pretty level using a few bags of self-levelling compound. I'm left with needing to put down over most of area about 8mm of flexible adhesive with 9mm thick porcelain tiles on top. This brings me up to the required level (threshold of sliding doors). Is 8mm a lot to be...
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    Using self levelling compound

    Starting tiling (ceramic) soon, but screed is somewhat uneven with a few low spots a foot or two wide perhaps 5mm too low. Can I use a self levelling compound just on those areas/patches to get them up to the rest of the floor level? I've never used the stuff before. Floor is 25 square metres...
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    building-up internal window sill prior to tiling and plastering

    Windows are in, leaving me with some flexible, rather buckled cavity closer and 100mm of blockwork to tidy up and tile on to. I need to build this up by about 35mm (to hide the back of the exterior aluminium sill) prior to quarry tiles (and before wet plastering next week). I could use sand &...
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    Reveals - how to finish prior to plastering?

    Windows just installed and realise that most of the cavity closers will need to be plastered. However, I've used flexible closers (very cheap from Wickes) that buckle and obviously can't be hard-plastered, should I just plasterboard all the reveals and leave for the plasterer to add his...
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    knock-through dilemma - what do pro's do?

    Yes that is right, knocking thru to main house - whether it is best to knock thru before the windows arrive (in order to avoid all the dust etc getting into everything).
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    knock-through dilemma - what do pro's do?

    Thanks guys. The windows are in brand new extension. I just wondered if pro never knock thru until the windows are actually in (in case windows are wrong size etc.)
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    knock-through dilemma - what do pro's do?

    Custom sliding doors and windows be fitted by manufacturer next Tuesday. Do I knock through before or afterwards - what would a professional do?
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    Tee new rad off pipes in boiler room?

    Literally the only place I can get new pipework out to one v. big rad in new ground floor extension is from the downstairs boiler room. It's got a newish Brit Gas condensing boiler (with traditional hot and cold water tanks) and the original copper pipework goes off downstairs under the...
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    Glueing UPVC fascias to flat roof header

    My new flat roof has 8x2 header all around and I was thinking to glue (gripfill, contact adhesive?) the shiny UPVC fascia to it to avoid all the little nails. Anyone done this? Is there a reason not to?
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    add to lighting circuit – 1 loop-in and switched downlights

    Found a suitable pendant light, at end of small circuit. Planning to continue the circuit by adding one loop-in switched ceiling rose and then run the power feed on straight into another switch that will supply four 240v down-lighters in a row. That will be the end of the circuit. Can...
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    Running CH pipes above ceiling into new extension.

    The only way I can see to get CH into new single storey extension without digging up lovely floors is to run flow & return pipes direct from downstairs boiler cupboard (across cavity wall) a 90 bend and then through a few metres of ceiling. It will mean drilling through all joists and part...
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    float/set or dot/dab? costs?

    Here's my plan for L-shape extension to kitchen and family room. Trying to decide how best to proceed with plastering. I've done a bit of skimming before, so if I do use dot/dab I could prob handle it all myself. However, there's quite a bit to do and I obviously want a decent finish...
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    Alternatives to screeding?

    thanks for all replies guys, all considered I am going to go with traditional screed, I think.
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    Alternatives to screeding?

    Just thinking that there might be a dry alternative to a 65mm thick sand/cement screed, insulated boards for example? finished floor will be some sort of laminate/wood boarding.