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  1. omega015

    Asbestos Rope

    Getting a "handyman" to remove any asbestos is not the right way, are they licenced to dispose of it? will they have the correct equipment to ensure no contamination/health issues for them and the household etc.. Also will they just dump what they remove somewhere or in a skip etc.. potentially...
  2. omega015

    Stupid me has gone and blown a Fibaro FGS-223 Z-Wave double switch module!

    Do these make their own mesh network when all connected together? If so you could add a dummy z-wave device somewhere between the dimmer module and the smartthings hub to try overcome the signal issue?
  3. omega015


    James @ plumberparts rates them but I believe he is being sponsored by them or being paid to promote at least. On the other hand he is using them for his extension, so take that as you may. I would say for it to take off it needs to be available at a lot more stockist to be ready available. Also...
  4. omega015

    External alarm cabling

    Not sure if any water will make its way down the thread but some Loctite, plumbers mait/PTFE, Vaseline etc... on the threads should prevent any water ingress from them.
  5. omega015

    Decommissioned Gas Pipework

    If the copper pipe is no longer physically connected at any end and to anything else, does it still class as a gas pipe? or does it just become an unused copper pipe? Wouldn't capping off an unused pipe at both ends cause confusion to its purpose (gas, water etc??)
  6. omega015

    Phantom programmes running?

    Windows 8.1/10? These are apps and closing them by either switching away or by dragging to the bottom right merely puts the program into suspend mode ready to be launched again (for speed). If you computer starts to get low on memory, it will automatically close those suspended apps so there...
  7. omega015

    batch change the font of the comment text

    This might help you change the default fonts/style for comments etc...
  8. omega015

    External alarm cabling

    If its not too late one thing I probably would of done slightly different is to have the door contact on the bottom half of the gate (with the cable still coming out of the bottom) and then come out of the junction box from the bottom. That way water is less likely to find its way into the entry...
  9. omega015

    Found an electrical cable . . . .

    As you do not need to power to the shed anymore its best getting an electrician in to find where the shed is being fed from. It's possibly being fed directly from the mcb/fuse or maybe spurred off from the boiler socket, but they can investigate and remove the feed to the shed and that fuse can...
  10. omega015

    Satellite TV via internet

    Personally even if streaming of certain channels over the internet was legal I would still be more inclined to use a dedicated sat dish/box for it as you are less likely to have issues (obviously bad weather permitting), wont go over internet allowance, suffer congestion issues etc.... There...
  11. omega015

    .pst files in Outlook email

    Did it ever open ok? Did you copy, download it from another machine? There is a pst repair tool that you can try (I would make a backup of the file before doing it)
  12. omega015

    I fell asleep and knocked a drink over my running laptop.

    Remove power (inc. battery first and foremost). Strip down as much as you can and give it a good dry wipe/clean with all the components like memory, hard drive, optical drive etc.. 99% of Keyboards usually remove easily also. dry everything out by placing them in a bag with rice or desiccant...
  13. omega015

    Wiring or switch for power shower

    As has already been said (just reinforcing the importance of it)........ have an electrician take a look and put it right, and not the person who tried wiring it up in the first place.
  14. omega015

    no sound on HD channels

    Do you have any optical/coax audio cables connected? What audio output setting is the sky box set to? If set to DolbyD change to Normal (iirc: Services, Settings then Sound)
  15. omega015

    Is it OK to...

    How is the shed connected? dedicated breaker in the consumer unit? fed from another socket/fcu in the house? on the same circuit as downstairs sockets? etc...
  16. omega015

    Drain on Electric Power Supply

    It was winston1 who said they should be banned.
  17. omega015

    Epson SX425W printing fault

    Glad you managed to fix and thanks for following it up for anyone else having the same issue.
  18. omega015

    wiring colours

    Before disconnecting anything make sure you take pictures, noting where wires go to and even putting some identification on each cable (like numbers, letters, dots, masking tape, etc...). But yes if you can upload some pictures it would help us give you some safer advice.
  19. omega015

    Bathroom extraction

    I wouldn't wrap a blanket around the fan or any loft insulation etc... as this will not allow heat to dissipate and could cause premature failure or worse. Dampeners/carpet/rubber etc... underneath should be enough to reduce any/all vibrations from an inline fan.
  20. omega015

    Bathroom extraction

    There is this product which solves the issue with water/condensation in ventilation ducts: (Requires solid ducting to connect to this so take that into consideration if using) Just ensure you have the right fall so that condensation flows into this then the water can be pumped/flow to an...