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    Need to increase room size of 0.2 m2, per HMO regulations

    I have a house that I have been renting out to sharer's. One of the rooms is 6.32 m2. Too small to be rented out by 0.2m2. I was hoping that replacing the plasterboard with a thinner plasterboard might do the trick, but honestly, there is still not much space. It was already optimally used. Can...
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    Default How to replace just one drawer front in the kitchen? where to get a match?

    One of the drawer fronts came off and got lost. I can't find the exact match to replace it...but it's making the whole kitchen look unsightly. Any recs on what I can do? Ideally, I would like a company that can color match.. Thanks in advance.
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    Due to 'complete' home purchase on Monday.. but no planning docs...

    I was browsing the councils website and decided to check for the planning documents for the new house my sister purchasing. Shockingly, there has been no planning application for the attic conversion (a big conversion with a left attic and a right attic) and whilst consent was sought for the...
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    leak from ground floor shower not visible until too late

    7 years ago we found out that a leak from the ground floor shower had seeped under the floorboards to drenched the wooden beams? (battons?) etc not only of the shower room but the adjoining bedroom. It was a lot of work taking up the flooring of both the rooms.... reinstalling plastic sheeting...
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    Call out fee if the problem is not diagnosed...

    No, I did not want free advice. I am more than happy to pay for the advice. It's just that there was no advice. I was left none the wiser. I had emailed him photos and details of the leak so I was miffed that he wanted to start off with the more intrusive checks when he could not confirm that...
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    Call out fee if the problem is not diagnosed...

    I had an engineer come out recently. I wanted him to advise me on a few plumbing issues I had. For one reason or another he was not able to diagnose any of them. 1) the leak did not show up when he was here. 2) the source of the leak could not be confirmed without much more intrusive checks...
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    Air vents - my rights. Not sure if this is the right place.

    All of what you mention are already fitted. I'm not sure if the timer on the bathroom fan is 20 minutes though.
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    Air vents - my rights. Not sure if this is the right place.

    Tenant after tenant keep complaining about the mold in the flat and the subsequent chest problems. I approached the managing agents requesting permission to install an air vent, but this request was declined. The managing agents said that if the tenants opened the windows the situation would...
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    Aluminium/ wooden or UPVC windows?

    The windows in my house have become so damaged that they are not holding on to the paint. I am having to get them repainted every other year. This is not ideal as the managing agents are overly fussy at the best of times. I am looking to replace the windows. Bearing in mind, the replacement...
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    Wooden window frames peeling

    The paint on my wooden window frames is peeling badly. Actually I only got the frames re-painted 3 years ago (undercoat and paint), but it is peeling again 'cos the wood is'nt in great shape. I don't really want to shell out for new windows at this stage. Is there anyway I can get some more...
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    Help - Old style Rad with no temp control.

    Yep, it looks like my rad has two pipes at one end...
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    Help - Old style Rad with no temp control.

    Your guess is spot on - apparantly there is variation in temp particularly between the top floors and the ground floor. It's not so much that some rooms have small rads, but the ground floor has modern rads as it was a relatively recent conversion. I believe there is a thermostat on the...
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    Help - Old style Rad with no temp control.

    The individual radiators in my property do not have temp controls and this annoys my tenants. Apparently they are old style radiators coming off microbore pipes, so it’s not a question of just replacing the rads, the complete pipework running through the floor of the 3 story townhouse will have...
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    How much to pay for installation of smoke detection system

    I would like to have interconnected (hard wired?) tamper proof smoke detectors on each floor on my 3 storey townhouse. I have received a quote for circo 500 gbp. Does this sounds fair to you? Any cheaper alternatives?
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    when can I use the bath after applying mastic?

    Basically, water is leaking from my bathroom to the room below. I have no idea what could be causing this but I hope that it is just water leaking in from the side of the tub or something where there could be a gap in the mastic. If I re-mastic, how long will I have to wait before the bathroom...
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    Metal mesh thing on windows for security - whats it called?

    My house got burgled recently. Someone smashed the glass on the back door to gain access. I have looked into retractable security grilles but I am put off by the expense and more importantly, the fact that they have to be locked via a key (fire hazard). I think the easiest thing would be...
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    Need a home security alarm with no connection to the police&

    Is there a home alarms which does not require a monthly fee to the police etc? Thanks in advance.
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    Do I need to apply primer and undercoat when repainting?

    Thanks for your response Rob. So I have 2 more questions: 1) If after sanding down there is no exposed wood, am I to understand that gloss might be sufficient? 2) Is gloss important? Can I just apply a black undercoat and leave it at that?
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    Do I need to apply primer and undercoat when repainting?

    I'm having the external woodwork on my house repainted (the window frames, front door etc) as the paint is currently peeling and I dont want it to be damaged from the elements. I had been under the impression that it would be best to apply primer and undercoat as well, but my painter is...
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    I had a new boiler fitted. Do plumbers charge 25% of the cos

    I was wondering if it is normal practice for plumbers to charge 25% of the cost of a Stuart Turner pump, as the cost for time taken to purchase the item. I'm annoyed because the quote I got made no mention of extra charges for weekend work, or a cut of 25% of the cost of the item for taking...