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    Oil boiler oil leak under combustion chamber

    Looks to be coming from under the combustion chamber, though it's difficult to see. When I checked it before there was none forward of the flexible pipe though I need to get in for a good look
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    Oil boiler oil leak under combustion chamber

    My Trianco Contractor is 11 years old. For a while now it has smelled 'oily' when on, and at the last service I mentioned the slight oil show which was to the side and just below the combustion chamber. He didn't seem to think much of it. I asked if it was due to 'over fueling' , ie un-ignited...
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    Mixer tap washer replacement

    Really tight on the spline - expected chrome 'cap' over it , but it wasn't - sorted
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    Mixer tap washer replacement

    yes, I know , mixer taps ... I've isolated the tap - thankfully installed with isolater, removed the grub screw which hold the tap end on but it doesn't want to move. I assume remove the grub screw and then should be able to slide the chrome cover off but it won't budge. I'm reluctant to...
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    Panasonic NN-CT585 combi microwave doesn't fully heat up

    This is our second one, gave the first to our daughter. Everything works except temperature control on convection. It signals 'ready' on heat up when it's only about 50 degrees. The grill still works ok and that's the same quartz heating elements for the convection. I checked the thermistor on...
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    Another vaccine in the offing?

    I think he means the microchip that Bill Gates made which is in it , so it tracks everything you do, and don't believe the BBC because he controls that too :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    Shallow tarmac repair instead of cutting and cold press

    After my drive was laid, the installers had to 'repair' a section but it was badly done and I was left with patches which were 10mm below the overall flattened surface. I wasn't prepared to do any deep cut and fill with cold press tarmac and wondered about getting bitumen block to melt and...
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    Aerial Power Supply from Lighting

    If the TV aerial is in the (not normally accessible) loft, I see no problem in taking power from the lighting circuit but leaving the amplifier and PSU in that part of the loft suitably detachable and protected, output from the amplifier will go to a standard aerial socket set in the wall...
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    Replace glass on old upvc door

    I have an old upvc door with leading externally and internally in the double glazed unit and I want to replace all this with a georgian bar window to match the rest of the windows in the house. The problem is, the glass is fitted with a square section 'beading' with a rubber seal , and I don't...
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    Condensation on LAGGED expansion pipe in the loft

    Not condensation at all , but pinholes ... I was drying off the pipe preparing to bind and re-lag and kept finding damp bits, and realised there were places where tiny amounts of water were coming out. And these were not in the corroded areas, one near a soldered join. The whole pipe run is a...
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    Condensation on LAGGED expansion pipe in the loft

    now that makes sense ... since it's open then you'd expect the levels to equalise . So maybe the answer is to dry off the pipes, re-apply the lagging but make sure it's a tight seal .
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    Condensation on LAGGED expansion pipe in the loft

    This is the pipe. I removed the lagging so you can see it's wet and also corrosion It's in the unconverted part of the loft space. No , no warm water ever gets up the pipe and into the tank. Water is not over hot. Pipe is COLD. 36 foot run of pipe from the hot water tanks to here...
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    Condensation on LAGGED expansion pipe in the loft

    There's no pumping . It's an open vented system . The pipe runs 4 foot into the ceiling then travels along the loft floor for 24 foot (across the length of the loft then right angle into the centre) , then another 12 foot up to overflow into the cold water tank. So that's a very long expansion...
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    Condensation on LAGGED expansion pipe in the loft

    ALL the pipes in the loft are lagged with the standard polythene sleeves. There is one vent pipe into the cold water tank which is dripping with condensation inside the sleeve. The pipe rises from floor level to the height of the tank , about 12 feet since the tank is right in the apex of the...
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    Perrymatic Jetstream Mk2 Pressure reset button ?

    Neighbour's boiler had cut out due to low water pressure. I have re-pressured the system, but presumably I need to reset the boiler itself. Big black box on the boiler has the thermostat knob for water temperature and there is also a chrome nut and shaft mounted on the box with a metal pin in...
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    Mountfield hp414 problems

    What I have come across , twice ! , is build up of crap in the carb float chamber... It looks a bit jelly/crystalline like. After removing this , blowing out the jet , cleaning all airways, all is good once more. Never had this with previous mowers , but previous mowers never had a plastic...
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    upstairs radiators get warm when the hot water is one.

    Checking this evening - both sets of pipes are hot , though the CH is not on. The hot water is. The pump only has valve at the bottom to isolate the pump. I have the original Trianco TR90 product manual but it doesn't show the heat exchanger in detail and the back of the boiler is...
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  20. Trianco TR90

    Trianco TR90

    Old oil boiler...