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    Leak or condensation

    The central heating and hot water has been off for a day. There is now slight but steady dripping from one point on the bedroom ceiling. There is no other damage to the ceiling, but it comes back once it is wiped off. There is a water tank above, but I have no loft ladder to check it. So, what...
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    Wall mounted CD cabinet

    Whoops! About 50cm square, with shelves 15cm deep. All materials are 1.5cm thick.
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    Wall mounted CD cabinet

    Hello All, I'm thinking of making this thing. It will consist of Melamine faced Chipboard planks screwed into a MFC backboard that will be screwed into the wall. Here's a terrible diagram: Will it be able to support CDs?
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    Extension lead under kitchen sink

    Hello all. Here is the underside of my sink. The white lead connects the washing machine to a socket and it looks very scary. Is it as unsafe as it looks?
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    Hardboard/Chipboard/Hardboard sandwich- which glue to use.

    I'm examining cheaper options first.
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    Hardboard/Chipboard/Hardboard sandwich- which glue to use.

    Hello all. I'm building a hi-fi stand that will need Contiboard thicker than the 15mm that B&Q does, so I've decided to go for the sandwich. So, which glue doe i use to bond them, plus any tips, tricks etc would be most welcome.
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    Alcove Bookshelves using Contiboard/ Plas/ Melamine Fronted

    After my clearly silly OSB idea, I've decided to use Contiboards from B&Q, which is cheaper, anyway. The shelves will be 825 mm long and 200mm wide. I was hoping to use the 18mm thick white boards, but B&Q suddenly seem to be only doing 15mm. The shelves will be battened on 3 sides, so is...
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    OSB bookshelves

    Hello all, I'd like to fit some bookshelves into an alcove. I'm a bit strapped for cash and I'm wondering if OSB is a good material. The shelves will be 83cmx20cm and either 1.8 or 2.2cm thick. I'll be using battens on 3 sides, rather than brackets. Is this a good idea, or will I be woken...