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    Prob with Ideal Elan 2

    I don't think its the thermostat. Intermittently firing up --- my guess would be problem with the solenoid on the gas valve. Probably chattering or sticking. Changed one with similar probs a couple of weeks ago. PS: neon light does flicker on these.
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    vaillant 831 - keeps firing

    agree with gas4you's advice... Check that you have no dead legs on the system so cut back any pipework that no longer feeds anything on your system. you could add non return valves to the hot and cold supply to the shower and maybe also to the "loo". I bet the loo causing the problem is in...
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    ferroli modena 80 locking out

    Can be a temperemental boiler - the modena...... :lol: Seems as if it could be the electrode and flame sense electrode. Could be that when the burner gets hot (eg midway through your shower) its loosing rectification and locking out. The electrodes on these models have a habit of warping...
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    i bang my pump and it bursts into life ...

    Reminds me of the wife :shock:
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    Saunier Duval daily pressure loss and British Gas ineptitude

    I think that the EV may be OK. When the c/h is working the boiler is keeping a steady pressure and nor blowing off through the PRV. When off it then suddenly looses pressure. This suggests ( same as Dan R) that there may be a dodgy joint somewhere. Maybe its the builders that are...
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    ideal Isar prob (join the queue)

    Sounds to me like the diverter is passing. Usually the result of dirty system water. But then again its an Ideal and the diverter will pass if anyone so much as farts near it.... You'll need a new diverter head and cartridge. Don't turn off the isolation valves other than the cold supply...
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    re-pressurising sime format -how??

    Valves on these are prone to seizing. From what you say it seems as if the inlet valve is stuck open as youre getting a flow of mains water when you loosen the filling loop at the checkvalve. As gasmick says it seems as if the checkvalve has seized. Could you add an external filling loop to...
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    britony combi 80 boiler problem - last question honest!

    sounds like faulty flow switch on the central heating side
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    Halstead finest must be a RGI :roll: As ChrisR states, a common fault on the Halstead. Maybe also a fault finding course and some multimeter knowledge would also help you in your everyday work...assuming you are corgi :?:
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    wouldn't recommend leaving your mobile number on here. You'll be getting heavy breathing at 3 am from Agile.
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    Sime Friendly Format 80E - flame cuts out intermittently

    more than likely the ignition pcb needs replacing.
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    Baxi Solo 2 starting problem

    Its the only thing that hasn't been replaced :lol: I said to replace it in my very first post.
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    recommend wireless stat for combi

    Price of wireless stats vary. You could try the Salus 500RF as it can be configured to accept 230v or volt free. However, its cheap and nasty...... Think it comes 'bridged' to accept 230v.
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    Baxi Solo 2 starting problem

    Maybe he just needs to bleed the radiators first :lol: :lol: I still think this is a fault on the recon pcb.
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    Baxi Solo 2 starting problem

    You need another pcb. you have power to the boiler and s/l. Stats check ok, fan checks ok, aps checks ok, pilot solenoid and gas valve checks ok. no power on the pcb at fan terminals. Recon board is a dud.
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    Baxi Solo 2 starting problem

    to my earlier post. Have you got voltage at the fan connection AT THE pcb. also have you tried to run the fan with a flying lead In this job expect the unexpected
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    Baxi Solo 2 starting problem

    have you got voltage going to the fan from the pcb. if yes then check continuity of fan wires Could have a 2nd dud pcb
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    Baxi Solo 2 starting problem

    Be careful when working with 'live' electrics check to see if you have 240v at the fans plug on the pcb. you say you have checked the stats, have you checked the thermostat sensor OOps - just re read and see you got 1Meg Ohm...
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    Halstead Ace High - DHW Problem

    A common problem on the Halsteads which a rgi could fix within minutes. Boiler needs a service.