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    How to build strongest oak frame apple press?

    Hi everyone I previously built an apple press out of pallets as you can see in attached image. Worked for a while, but the cross beam eventually broke after being put under too much pressure from the screw press. I have managed to come across a load of oak 95 x 95mm x 600mm offcuts from a...
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    How to lay a footpath on gravel driveway?

    Hi all Client has asked me to lay a paved footpath through the middle of this gravel driveway so they can drag the bins to the road. There is weed membrane underneath the gravel. I'm guessing if we cleared the gravel, and laid mortar on the weed membrane it will eventually move. It needs to...
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    Briggs & Stratton Engine won't start on petrol mower

    Sorry I took so long to reply. I was trying out a few things. In answer to your question I don't remember if I tipped it into its side so I could clean the grass out. What would that do? Oil level looks ok on the dipstick So I bought a service kit. Replaced the diaphragm and gasket (which...
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    Briggs & Stratton Engine won't start on petrol mower

    Thanks guys. Should have posted this video of what it was doing before it stopped working. Not sure if this gives any more clues.
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    Briggs & Stratton Engine won't start on petrol mower

    Hi I have a Makita PLM 4601 petrol mower with 4HP Briggs and Stratton engine Bought it secondhand but it was in very good condition and the guy said it had just been serviced Oil looked, and still looks clean and is full. It was working fine the first couple of goes infact, but now just...
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    Tax relief on Electric Van

    Great question. No. My accounts are pretty simple so I do it myself. I wonder if I could just get some advice from one on a one off basis?
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    Tax relief on Electric Van

    Hi I am going to get myself an electric van. So many reasons to do it right now. But I need to know what is the best option for tax relief in this current tax year, as i know the rules have changed. Here are my two options as I understand it. Both of which are based over a 3yr period...
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    Heavy duty waterproof jacket

    Does such a thing exist? A year ago I bought an Apache waterproof jacket. It looked robust, had the classic cordura material on parts. Turned out to be the worst jacket I ever bought. Stitching started coming apart after a week. Minor nicks turned into major tears. I ended up looking like...
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    Outbuilding less than 30m2 with a toilet

    a) No b) Yes c) Yes, but this is self notifiable by the electrician. i.e. he can sign it off if he is qualified, and BC don't need to inspect. d) Yes. Although it is not required, they say that they do it anyway because of so much bad drainage being installed.
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    Outbuilding less than 30m2 with a toilet

    I can report back that this was a stressful and annoying experience. Partly because I was given the wrong information and partly through not being able to speak to anyone. I will just talk through the process of going through building control for anyone interested: Certain projects or work...
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    Outbuilding less than 30m2 with a toilet

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I will try and get a definitive answer from BC
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    Outbuilding less than 30m2 with a toilet

    Thanks oldbutnotdead. No sleeping accommodation, and our facia is 2m clear of the boundary so we have no requirements for fireproof materials. LABC website suggests drainage isn't notifiable only electrics and water. I don't fully understand why there is a separate website for Local Authority...
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    Outbuilding less than 30m2 with a toilet

    Hi guys Am planning on building a garden room on heavy clay soil in SE london. Am keeping to 30m2 internally as I want to avoid building control if I can. Building control are virtually impossible to get hold of right now, but from the very brief e-mail I recieved, they want 2m deep piles or...
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    30m2 Floor area for outbuilding

    I am aware this has been discussed many times on here but I have a slightly different quirk. I want my outbuilding that I plan to construct in the back garden to have an internal floor area of less than 30m2 to avoid having to go through building control However, there is also a window seat...
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    Trees, foundations and outbuildings

    I have built a few summerhouses / outbuildings on pile foundations (screw piles and concrete). On the latest job, the client wants to push the timber framed building right up to the back of the garden where there are several medium sized trees. Never normally an issue as the client usually...
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    Electric underfloor heating layout

    Hi all I have installed a couple of those foil backed Pro-Therm electric underfloor heating matts, and am about to install another, each under engineered floating floor. To be honest, the layout has been a complete nightmare. Thought I had it planned out with a nice border round the edge...
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    Makita Impact Drivers Failing - How to repair?

    Thanks magic mushroom. I'm willing to try anything but before I buy this cleaner, I don't understand how pushing the battery up affects the trigger whcih is all the way up inside the body. Thanks
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    Makita Impact Drivers Failing - How to repair?

    Hi everyone Am at the limits of my knowledge with these as I have taken them apart but cannot figure out what the problem is. First up is this one: So as you can see it's got very little power. Now before you say it, I put new brushes in there and the battery, whilst old was fully charged...
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    How to build monkey bar frame?

    Want to build a monkey bar frame for my friends kids. Here is the design: Basically just wondering if my design is strong enough. Although the 4 inch posts are buried 600mm in the ground with postcrete. I figure if fence posts can work loose then surely with kids swinging on it, it might...