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    Painting stone garden ornaments

    I want to Paint stone garden ornaments. Do I use ordinary stone paint? Should I dilute it so the detail is maintained? Many thanks
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    Draining wet garden

    During periods of heavy rain my garden has excess surface water due to a high water table and heavy clay soil . I am on high ground, not in a flood area. I want to grow veg in rotation using raised beds, but would like to improve the drainage first. The garden is pretty well flat, but the...
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  4. Drainage problem

    Drainage problem

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    Angle grinder spindle locked up

    That's right. Thanks for the reply. Andrew
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    Angle grinder spindle locked up

    I have a 9in Hitachi angle grinder. On changing a disc using the supplied tool located in the spindle holes, I find it is locked up. I am turning it the right way, anticlockwise, but applying normal force (on the disc fitting tool) did not unlock it, so I tried tapping it with a nylon...
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    How do I treat hardwood garden furniture

    It is Arcadia wood, and I have decided to treat it with Danish oil.
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    Makita petrol chain saw fault

    My Makita petrol chain saw starts O.K., but dies when I press the throttle. On starting it sounds as if it running very fast, running away with itself. Any ideas please? Thanks
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    How do I treat hardwood garden furniture

    I have just purchases a hardwood garden chair. Am I best treating it with an oil product like linseed, or a varnish? Thanks
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    What min temp for cementing in cold weather?

    I am building a wall, and am wondering what the minimum temperature I should observe. I have erected a cover around the area to protect from rain, but will give some good frost protection. It is in a very sheltered spot, with a solid gate, and walls on 3 sides as well as the covered area above...
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    Small pond project

    I would really apreciate any thoughts anybody has on a small pond I am shortly to start work on in my back yard. The size is 6ft long 3ft at it's widest. The stone retaining wall is 7 inches high. My wife has always wanted a fountain, so I have found one that I can fit into the wall in...
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    Insulation for box in shed - How thick do I need it?

    I have a pressure washer kept in my shed that I need to protect from frost. I have 25mm thick silver coated foam insulation boards that I intend to make a box to house it inside the shed. My question is - How thick do I need to make it? Thanks
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    CD stuck in drive -please help!

    I have managed to get te CD out, but the CD draw is still stuck.
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    CD stuck in drive -please help!

    I have a Denon tuner/CD (Ref UD-M3) unit that the CD is stuck in the drive bay. There does not appear to be a pin hole for manual opening as on a PC. Had the covers off, but cannot find any way to release the tray. Any help appreciated.
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    Cement mix for raised garden beds?

    I am building raised beds in my veg garden using 3 x 2ft paving slabs cut in half to 2 x 1.5ft. What sand/cement/chippings mix should I use to bed the bottom of the slabs in? Thanks
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    Iron flex repair?

    My iron flex needs replacing. I did several years ago replace the flex, but the iron has special screws to thwart removal. I thought about modifying a screwdriver blade to fit the screw head, but it looks as though all irons now have these screws, so I expect I will be un able to find a...
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    Removal of emulsion paint - it works!

    Just done a search for "Removal of emulsion paint" which came up with several offerings, but not quite my problem, which was dry emulsion paint on sofa. I deciced to try warming washing up liquid (neat) in the microwave and applying it direct to the paint. It lifted it off the fabric straight...
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    Are Aldi Powercraft any good?

    I have a garden project to do and I am considering an Aldi Powercraft cement mixer and breaker. Aldi generally have a good reputation, but has any one any experience of their electical tools? I presume with a 12 month guarantee any fault will be fixed within warranty. Any thoughts appreciated.
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    Cistern on constant overflow

    My cystern on constant overflow although I have bent the rod to lower the ball. A fried of mine replaced the washer, but has made little difference. The water should cut out well short of the top of the overflow shouldn't it? Any suggestions much appreciated.
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    Zanussi ZWF 1421W Washing M/C

    My fist job after holiday was to follow your directions and yes I found an obstruction that was not visible before. After removal everything worked fine, so I think a big thank you is in order! Regards Andrew