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    Ideas? How do I fit a curtain pole here?!

    Please see photos... Unfortunately should have tried to do something prior to getting fitted wardrobes possible fix pole to ceiling but I'm struggling with space now! Any ideas most welcome.
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    Advice landscaping

    Been quoted from anywhere between £800 to £1100 for new area is 100m/sq..what do you guy think?
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    Advice landscaping

    Just had some retaining garden walls built which has left my garden in a bit of state...see pictures needs levelling and reseeding/turfing etc...don't have a clue what to do...all I want is some nice grass I can mow...suggestions most welcome....thanks in advance...ash Some...
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    Garden/Driveway concrete - type of finish?

    Hi, I'm having some new concrete installed on my driveway and garden but my builder is saying its better to have tamped finish rather than brush finish due to weather affecting the brush the brush finish will keep water in due to frost and crack etc but i get the feeling he's wanting...
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    Rebuild demolished garage in garden - permission required?

    Hi, I had a garage with my house (behind the drive - corner semi - side street entrance). The garage (pre-fabricated type) depleted over time and was demolished by the previous owner, however, the base is still present. I'd like to build a new garage in the same place using bricks/blocks...
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    Metal Garden & Driveway Gates + Railings

    Hi, I'm having some garden walls built but haven't purchased any gates/railings yet (money issues). However, I'd like to leave openings for STANDARD size front and driveway gates. I've done some research and it seems 3foot wide opening for front gate and about 10foot (I'd like about 10foot or...
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    Half-working combi system diagnosis?

    Sorry to hijack the thread but how do i open one of these units, had it a leak and need to dry out the inside
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    uPVC door - slamming!

    plz see image[/img]
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    uPVC door - slamming!

    Sorry...slamming it open when I open it and let go off it...I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow..
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    uPVC door - slamming!

    No I don't want to keep it open...I just want to protect it from slamming when I open it...its my front door to the house..
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    uPVC door - slamming!

    Hi, I have an external uPVC door that opens outwards full 180 degrees. Unfortunately, in windy conditions the door can slam very very hard, nearly taking the frame/hinges out! At the moment, I have bricks stacked behind as door there anything I put on it to dampen it? I was...
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    KEYS LOST - double glazing door locked

    Hi, Just moved into new house and the previous owner has lost the keys for the back door which is locked - its has a euro style cylinder but I cannot take it out without the key to replace - anyone have any ideas on how I can change the cylinder without calling a locksmith? I've taken...
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    Ideal Isar 24HE - DISABLE CH at boiler

    Hi, I need to make sure my boiler CH doesnt turn ON as i have radiators etc removed but would like to switch off CH before i switch the boiler on. I just need hot water supply. There is a terminal under the boiler with permanent live and two other connections (L1 and L2 - switched live I...
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    Best way & tool to clean builders mess/dust etc?

    Hi, I've just had some cowboys working for me - taking partition walls out etc. and also plastering some ceilings etc. The house is full of dust (and builders waste such as spilt plaster etc.) - every corner, top, bottom left right - you cannot walk without the clothes getting dirty! I...