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    Spot Lights + Insulation + Loft Boards

    Thank you Taylortwocities for your reply, sorry i didn't reply sooner, the email notifications failed so i didn't know anybody had replied I will try to find the links which say that the insulation can go directly over the lights but from your advice i need to look at getting it sorted and move...
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    Spot Lights + Insulation + Loft Boards

    Hi all, Looking for some advice, currently in the bedroom we have 230v 35w spot lights, the loft has glass mineral wool insulation which was put in about 2 years ago and it covers the top of the spotlights, i understand from research that this is fine. I now want to board the loft in that area...
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    Mains Socket Tester

    Hello All, I am in the process of buying a house which needs a little work. All of the electrics seem to be ok except for a few sockets that are loose. I am wanting to get a tester that plugs in to the socket and tests the wiring of the house. I have had a look around and there are...
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    Bowed window - Advise Please

    Thank you for your reply, i am going to have another look tonight and get some better pictures. your advise is greatly appreciated
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    Bowed window - Advise Please

    Hello All, I am looking for some advice if i can, I am in the process of buying a house and have noticed the window in the kitchen is bowed. There is a survey on the house in a few days time and i am trying to find out from the previous owner if it has been delt with. It looks like the...
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