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    Kidde K10SCO vs Kidde K4MCO

    What's stopping you installing the cheaper one? Or are you asking what the difference is? The K10 is a battery powered smoke + CO alarm. The K4 is a mains powered, interconnected (so will also cause other interconnected alarms to sound at the same time) CO only alarm with a battery backup...
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    Downlight Conundrum

    I might be wrong here, but aren't the levers for releasing the wire? As in the connectors are just push fit. Make sure there's enough exposed copper on the cable, then push it all the way into the terminal without pressing the lever. The cable should then be gripped and you can do the next one...
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    Downlight Conundrum

    What's the other end screwed to? I'd be tempted to leave the earth attached to the bar and keep the bar fixed somewhere out the way if that's easy. Or even if you're super lucky the bar might be able to be screwed to that top screw on the new fitting. Or just snip the earth and terminate it in a...
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    LED Strip Light Project - Navigating all the options!

    I'm planning on LED strips around our living room and want something similar (addressable RGB + W). I think I found some on AliExpress when I was looking before, but the project is on hold for a bit. If you find any that work well, please post back here to let us know which ones.
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    Moving Double Socket

    Sounds like dot and dab. If it is, the plasterboard will be attached to the wall with blobs of adhesive, which leaves a hollow gap between the plasterboard and solid wall in most places.
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    Outdoor lights install

    Could be that the first was going to run a new outdoor lighting circuit from the consumer unit and the second was going to take the feed of the existing downstairs circuit. If the lights are going all around the house, then it's possible there'd be an easy way to get a new circuit from the CU as...
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    Outdoor light / two way hallway switch mystery

    Did you take any pictures of the wiring before you disconnected them?
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    Making wires safe

    Just to clarify - on those terminals one side is connected to the other, so put each cable in a separate terminal along one side of of the block, and leave the other side empty. If you put one cable in one side and another in the terminal opposite, it'll connect those two cables together.
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    Help with light switch wiring

    Can you trace the cable from the low level lighting outside? If you can find where that goes, it might be easier to add a junction box outside with a L+N from the lighting circuit, then the cable to the switch could be used as the L+SL.
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    Help with light switch wiring

    Have you tried just the thick ones in the switch?
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    Help with light switch wiring

    Actually, thinking about it, it might not explain the behaviour.
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    Help with light switch wiring

    Was it working before? If it was, how was it wired? My guess would be that the thin wires are switched live from your light, and so the thin blue should be sleeved in brown, and the thick ones are live + neutral and so need to be connected to a supply. I think this would also explain the...
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    Water softener pipework

    I plumbed in our water softener and on the whole it works OK, but I'm wondering if there are any changes I could / should make to improve the water pressure. We have good mains pressure, and the softened water feeds everything except the kitchen cold water and an outside tap. The hot water is...
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    Mains supply through attic Your DNO owns that cable - give them a ring and see if they can move it.
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    Two meters.. ??

    Also, the "boost" button on the other one suggests it could be a dual tarrif meter (e.g. economy 7). Does she have storage heaters? They can be expensive to run if they're not setup right. And make sure if she's on economy 7 that she's getting both readings from the main meter. There'll probably...
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    Two meters.. ??

    Does she have solar panels? I believe the one on the left is a feed in meter to track how much is generated by the panels to feed back in to the grid. That's just from a quick Google search though so I could be wrong.
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    What's allowed

    There's no gas work needs doing, plus I think you need to be Gas Safe registered for any gas work don't you? Thanks for all the help. So what I've gathered from the replies: - For the new circuits to the garage, this is notifiable work so I should notify the local authority. Once done, I...
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    What's allowed

    So if I'm doing the work, then should I be issuing the installation certificate / minor works certificate?
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    What's allowed

    This is what I meant by "sign off". Who should be inspecting it? And what are the "appropriate certificates"? Who issues them?
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    What's allowed

    Thanks. I might be able to run the cable through the floor joists instead of plastering in, so I guess being able to lift the floorboards to inspect the cable would help with sign off. In the garage, it's just the ceiling that was plastered, so I had to run the cables in the ceiling void before...