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    Grouting large gap between fireplace tiles

    Hi, We have a fireplace hearth made up of natural stone tiles, upon which sits a log burner fire. A few years after fitting, the grout between the tiles is, basically, falling out. The tiles themselves are fine, with no sign of any movement or instability. I'd just like to fill the gaps to...
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    Problem with Soundbar power connector - Sony HT-SF200

    Thanks, all, for the feedback and suggestions. I'll chase Sony again, see if they can help. I tried them before and they just directed me to their repair centres (at my own cost). I'll get down to my parents and have a look at the connections soon to see if there's anything I can do in the...
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    Problem with Soundbar power connector - Sony HT-SF200

    Hi All, I bought my parents a soundbar, a Sony HT-SF200, just over a year ago and it's recently started to play up, switching itself off while they're watching the TV. They're both getting on a bit, so the soundbar helps them to hear what's going on. They live a bit away from me so I'm unable...
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    Bi-fold door pivot

    Hi, I'm looking to replace a plastic pivot on the top of a wooden bi-fold door. Not a big patio-door type, but a smaller wardrobe door. I'm looking for something like this, but I'm struggling to track much down on the internet: Prime-Line seems to be a brand name that keeps coming up, and...
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    Shower Hose Query

    Hi, Thanks for the responses. The wall outlet looks to be 1/2 inch bsp so at least I'll be able to get a new one if required. Every day's a school day! Thanks, Chris.
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    Shower Hose Query

    Hi, Apologies for the newbie question, but I have a query about a replacement shower hose I'm in the process of sorting out. A quick look on Amazon suggests that there is a standard hose type, with standard connections at each end, which seem to fit most showers. However, the hose I'm...
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    Problem with Grohe dual flush valve 42314

    Hi, I have a concealed cistern with a Grohe dual flush 42314 (what I'll call the unit in the description below!). I had to remove the unit to refit the small air tube that attached to the flush button (it came off and wouldn't flush) and ever since I've been unable to stop the steady trickle...