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    Sending a PM

    How do I send a pm to another member please.
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    Gardtec 595 problem

    The kp are wired with 6 cores The kp are earlier type than you mention they physically larger lcd original 800 series Inside the panel cover it states the panel is 4 wire enabled
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    Gardtec 595 problem

    Thanks for your responce. I replaced the battery it had been in the panel since 2016 The 6.5v is from the panel I was wondering if the pcb charge circuit may be faulty, I fitted the panel some years ago and I wondered if replacements where still available, or if a current gardtec could be...
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    Gardtec 595 problem

    My system suddenly sounded internally today. The keypad display reads fuse/battery fault. The 7ah battery was replaced in December 2019 I checked the in line battery fuse and the other two on the pcb all are ok. The voltage of the disconnected battery is slightly low at 11 volts. And measuring...
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    Fluorescent Light Problem

    Christmas day and kitchen light starts flashing on and off. Tried another starter no cure, its a 5ft tube so I tried the tube from a very old working fitting in my garage its fatter but still bypin. It cured my problem but its a 65watt as opposed to 58watt of the original, when I purchase a...
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    Bosch Avantixx Dishwasher Problem

    I have had this unit for several years with no problems until now. I use the quick wash programme mostly but on the last three washes it works perfectly until the very end then instead of turning off it shows an error message E22 and the water warning light glows. The dishes have been washed and...
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    Hotpoint XEC085 Fridge/Freezer problem

    The fridge section is not cooling the freezer is ok. Its only two years old, are there any common causes I could look for.
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    How to copy photo from Doro 820 mini to pc

    Can anyone inform me how to do this as simply as possible please.
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    Damp floorboards

    I have found damp boards under my bathroom, I believe I have now traced the leak and stopped it. However on the boards I have white loose power like substance I have attached photo should this give me concern, or should I treat it with something.
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    Toilet Flushing Control Advice Required

    Yes please find attached
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    Toilet Flushing Control Advice Required

    Thanks for reply, yes on each operation the plastic body becomes wet after it drys it remains ok until next use. You refer to vacuum what is that please.
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    Toilet Flushing Control Advice Required

    When I flush the loo I get a slight leak on the plastic body, I have attached a photo of the unit. Is the yellow attachment a pipe ? and how does it operate the two flush functions. I of course wish to stop the leak I have not tried yet taking it apart until you good guys can impart your wisdom...
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    Mira 415 Shower Unit

    The unit has overnight developed a problem, after using the red button to allow the temp control to go to the hottest position when I try to turn the unit back down again or turn the unit off it sticks and I have to use force to return to the normal range. It would seem its a problem with the...
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    Replacing Garage Roof

    I have a concrete sectional free standing garage 18'x 8' it has a asbestos corrugated flat roof. I am given to understand that metal sheeting is used these days, does anyone have experience of something called Dripstop to stop condensation and is there any other product that does similar.
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    Camera connection to TV

    Thank you I will obtain a lead, just another point what are the other two blue and red for sockets for.
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    Camera connection to TV

    I have a external Honeywell dome camera of a few years vintage on the side of my house, the dome has a BNC output it was connected to a tv via a BNC to Scart patch lead into the tv scart socket and it operated well. I have replaced the tv with a modern led 27" a Samsung 27h390s and like most up...
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    How Many Locking Points is my UPVC door classed.

    I have moved home and the external door is the type you have to push up the door handle first before you can lock it with the key. The door has 2 hooks, 2 rollers, 1 deadbolt, 1 centre latch. Does this class as 5 point or 3 point.
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    Possible Leaking Toilet Pan ?

    I have a toilet pan than has been in position around eighteen months, in the last week I have been getting water pools on the floor near the pan base. I at first thought it was probably a leak from the cistern feed or from the soil outlet but I cannot find any sign of problems at the joints etc...
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    20mm Plastic Trunking

    Ok the general view is its no good, overflow pipe normally lives outdoors and I assume it would be ok I will look into this as a option.
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    20mm Plastic Trunking

    Thank you, I normally use Screwfix.