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    What type of shower can i fit ?

    ...and my combi boiler IS expensive and unreliable!!!! Do not buy one! Only 5 years old and feeds on large wads of cash on a monthly basis![/i]
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    What type of shower can i fit ?

    I've got a combi boiler which gives pretty poor hot water pressure, but I've installed a Wickes Hydro shower which gives me power-shower performance with no pump. It's fantastic and may work with your setup. It uses the Venturi effect to 'suck' the hot water through using the cold water pressure.
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    Glow-worm Compact 80P cutting out / not modulating

    Hello all, I have a mis-behaving 5-year old Glow-Worm Compact 80P combi boiler connected to a closed (unvented) system of 11 rads. I have thrown many hundreds of pounds at the thing to make it give me a constant supply of hot water. After a new pressure switch, a new PCB (I did these both...
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    Damp-proofing cellar - anyone had experience?

    I've read, with great interest, a lot of very informative posts about suggested methods of damp-proofing cellars / basements. Does anybody out there have any experience of having actually completed such a project? I know it's tempting to have a look on for an answer, go off and do the...
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    Rust spots on new upvc window sills - is this possible???

    I've found (regrettably) that if you clean something (such as copper pipes), the tiny fragments of steel wool, which break off during rubbing, always seem to land somewhere really important. As soon as these almost invisible particles combine with the merest hint of dampness, they produce...
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    6 terminals on my ceramic hob?!?!

    ....The EU! That's all it says. :? "Made in the EU". How informative. Although the glass is 'Euro Kera' (or something) which (according to an internet search) is probably made in France. We had our first bacon & eggs the other day. :P Once again, thanks for your help.
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    spring sash secondary glazing? Please help! Please!

    I am trying to repair some modern(-ish) secondary glazed sash windows. Currently they just drop straight down as soon as the catch is released. I have removed one of the windows to reveal a twisted kebab-skewer-like greased rod (each side) which is supposed to slide up and down in an aluminium...
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    6 terminals on my ceramic hob?!?!

    :P Thank you both for your replies, especially ban-all-sheds. I checked the terminals using my multimeter and worked out which is which. Happily, I found the instructions with the cryptic diagram, and combined with the resistance checks worked out what goes where. I've still no idea what R,S...
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    6 terminals on my ceramic hob?!?!

    I'm about to wire in my new ceramic hob (with proper 30amp cable on its own supply, etc.) but am slightly baffled to find SIX terminals on the hob. The instructions which came with the hob are not at all clear. It seems that it can be wired into a single-phase or three-phase supply. The...