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    Another Span question

    Hi I wish to put in a false ceiling which will have no load on it other than its own weight and 2 layers of plasterboard. The span of the room is 4.0m Having looked at numerours tables, it seems as if i need the joist sizes to be 170x50 . If I supported the joists at the middle...
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    Fan with timer

    Thanks for all the response, and apologies for the lack of clarity, i never have been any good at explaining myself. Think I have it now thanks again.
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    Fan with timer

    Thanks for the response, I cannot get access to the junction box feeding the circuit , so in essence what I suggested was feeding the fan from both the ligthing and the fused spur. Take it from what you are suggesting that this way wont work, if not could you take time to explain why, it would...
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    Fan with timer

    Hi I wonder if you can help, although there are many previous posts on this matter I cannot seem to find my particular scenario. I want to install a fan with integral timer, the unit has the usual connections , ie neutral, permanent live and switched live. The current ligthing arrangements...