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    Cleaning Upvc

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    Internal side of upvc windows...

    Hey ye you can plaster right up to the window the 28mm facing is just cosmetic, it’s a tidy way of finishing the rough area around the window without having to replaster.
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    can some one help this

    Hey sound like it could be a number of things, the old gaskets losses their elasticity over the years so when you have taken them out to change the sealed unit they are not stretching enough to compress the glass as tightly against the external bead as they once did, which means the seal on the...
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    Double Glazing - outside surface misting up

    No not breathing this time, however misting up externally can be caused by the same sort of thing, heavy, wet air. After the rain stops it starts to evaporate back into the air and as the evening comes the air cools and can no longer hold the water and as the glass is cooling faster then the...
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    Tilt and Turn PVCu Tilting too much.....

    Hi Ron A common problem I have seen often sounds like the problem is that the window is tilting and turning at the same time. The solution to this is firstly to look at the window mechanism down the handle side of the window. You are looking for a small button or anything spring loaded. If you...
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    Double Glazing - outside surface misting up

    Hi all, I work for a double glazing company and this is a problem which I am asked about frequently, and the solution is simple, the problem is caused by a lack of ventilation. When you have new double glazing installed the insulating qualities are much high than in older double glazed windows...