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    Hole in roof tile and felt

    The installation of scaffolding will naturally increase cost for me the employer/customer. I totally agree and I don't and won't encourage anyone onto the roof without the correct safety measures in place. I was hoping that there would be a method to fix this from within I.e. Cement or...
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    Move loft hatch - extra cut in same joist OK?

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice please re moving my loft hatch from the small front bedroom to the landing area outside of the bedrooms and bathroom. The new hatch and ladder that I'd like is 700mm x 1100mm. Unfortunately there is not the space in the original location to simply expand the...
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    Hole in roof tile and felt

    Hi, I'm hoping for a cheap solution to the hole I have in my roof and felt please. It's a semi-detached house built in c.1965 with I believe the original roof and tiles etc. Other than this one hole there doesn't seem to be any other issues so I'm reluctant to re-roof until it's necessary...